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Guidance for walkers: The monuments featured in this database are archaeological treasures and need to be protected and preserved - please do not disturb any sites. Please check access and firing times before visiting sites, not all sites listed are on open access land. Firing ranges and boundaries of open access areas are marked on the OL28 OS Dartmoor Explorer map. Please stick to the country code and consider giving support to the numerous agencies that help to keep Dartmoor a fabulous natural and historic environment!

About the database: In all listings clicking on the photo will open a page for the site with a larger photo. The listings are drawn mainly from scientific journals and will not include the most recently discovered minor sites. There is comprehensive coverage of stone circles, stone rows and menhirs. Listings for cists and cairn circles should cover most of the better known sites. There are only partial entries for round cairns, settlements, pounds and none for reaves. For listings of specific types of monument click on Resources in the menu above. Corrections, or any feedback or suggestions are very welcome, email:

NOTE: Clicking on the icons for each monument in the map will give the name of the monument. Where icons overlap they are replaced with an icon with a number - zooming in may separate them out.

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Cosdon Stone Row

Cosdon Stone Row

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Cosdon Hill Triple Stone Row
OS Map: SX 64317 91600
NMR record: SX 69 SW 17
HER record: 6886
Megalithic Portal: 1858
The Stone Rows of GB: Cosdon
PMD: Cosdon Stone Row
ShortName: SR:Cosdon
Butler map: 40.6
DPD page: 152
Notes: "A triple stone row lies near the summit of Cosdon Hill and is 447 feet in length measured from the centre of the circled cairn which stands at the west end. At 225 feet from the west end there is a slight change in direction and the rows turn somewhat northward. This change of direction may be said to divide the row into western and an eastern section. Overall width, western part is 8 feet 10 inches, eastern part 10 feet 8 inches. The cairn is 26 feet in diameter and contains the remains of two cists; the retaining circle is very irregular. There is no formal feature to mark the termination of the rows at their eastern end"
Nearby sites: SX64329160
Distance: 1.87km

Cosdon (stone row) Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Cosdon (stone row) Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Cosdon Hill Triple Stone Row
OS Map: SX 64331 91597
NMR record: SX 69 SW 17
HER record: 48906
Megalithic Portal: 813
PMD: Cosdon Stone Row
Alternate name: Cosdon Hill Stone Row Platform Cairn Circle and Cist
ShortName: CT:Cosdon Row
Butler map: 40.6
Butler Vol 5: p.234 & Fig.165
DPD page: 152
Grinsell: ST 5
Turner: E15
Notes: Turner E15 - Cheriton Combe. Dixon #95. Butler Cosdon Hill Stone Row - Vol. 2. Map 40.6 (diagram p.205). Grinsell SOUTH TAWTON 5. "The cairn associated with the Cosdon Hill triple stone row is 26 feet in diameter and contains the remains of two cists; the retaining circle is very irregular. Of the two cists, one is intact, the other has been robbed of the cover-stone and two side-stones." Lethbridge diagram p.152, cists pictured.
Nearby sites: SX64339160
Distance: 1.86km

Oxenham Arms Standing Stone

OS Map: SX 65014 93606
NMR record: SX 69 SE 26
HER record: 13065
Megalithic Portal: 8401
PMD: Oxenham Arms
ShortName: SS:OxenhamArms
Notes: "The Oxenham Arms, now an inn, is the former manor house and home of the Burgoyne family. A courtyard plan house, it was originally a two-room-and-through passage plan. An interesting feature is an enormous upright slab of granite built into the inner wall of the rear parlour. This looks very much like a prehistoric standing stone and it seems that the house was built around it". See also, Legendary Dartmoor: The Oxenham Arms Menhir
Nearby sites: SX65019361
Distance: 1.14km

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