Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
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Dartmoor Resource: Table of Dartmoor Iron Age Forts

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Table of Dartmoor Iron Age Forts

White Tor a Neolithic enclosure reused as an Iron Age fort

Photo: White Tor a Neolithic enclosure reused as an Iron Age fort

The table below lists the Iron Age Forts in the Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks database. The major sites are covered here but there maybe some that are not yet included in the listings. Click on the table headers to get listings ordered by Site Name, Short Name or OS number and so on. Clicking on the Site Name will open a site page with a large photo where one is available. Clicking on OS links will list nearby sites and clicking on the NMR or HER number or Megalithic Portal link will open the relevant record in a new window.

Site NameShort NameOSDPDMonument #NMRHERMegalithic Portal
Brent Hill FortFT:Brent HillSX70396167444944 SX 76 SW 1179577753
Brent Tor FortFT:BrentTorSX47108040438139 SX 48 SE 5166928169
Cranbrook Castle FortFT:CranbrookSX73908900445462 SX 78 NW 682214624
Dewerstone FortFT:DewerstoneSX53806390439553 SX 56 SW 14238129453
Hembury Castle FortFT:HemburySX72636845444797 SX 76 NW 7777634692
Holne Chase Castle FortFT:HolneChaseSX72447191445282 SX 77 SW 147996 n/a
Hunters Tor FortFT:HuntersTorSX76168241445589 SX 78 SE 288247759
Knowle Wood FortFT:Knowle WoodSX53316407 n/a n/a 125834 n/a
Nattadon FortFT:NattadonSX70488660445576 SX 78 NW 41826143578
Prestonbury Castle FortFT:PrestonburySX74719001445780 SX 79 SW 5843929170
Roborough Down FortFT:RoboroughSX50556415439548 SX 56 SW 11236628812
White Tor FortFT:White TorSX5423786713439744 SX 57 NW 8410117506
Wooston Castle FortFT:WoostonSX76538969445354 SX 78 NE 282927767

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