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Dartmoor Access Page

Rob Bullen cartoon: Dartmoor prison less restrictions than outside

Cartoon lampooning the proposed new byelaws. Reproduced with thanks to © Rob Bullen

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks response to the byelaw consultation

Letter to Dartmoor National Park Authority - No to the proposed DNP restrictions on rights of access!

Dartmoor Access facebook group

Dartmoor Access facebook group

The Dartmoor Access Group response to the consultation on the new byelaws

Dartmoor Access Group exists solely to discuss countryside access within the Dartmoor National Park, and where necessary, hold key authorities and stakeholders to account when the rights and freedoms of the countryside are undermined.

An organisation to campaign for Dartmoor Access is in the process of being formed via the facebook group and a preliminary committee has already been formed to set up the new organisation (announced 19/10/21).

Update 25/1021: The D.A.G. Committee has unanimously rejected the DNPA byelaw proposal in it's entirety, PDF linked above.

Facebook Dartmoor Access (group setup to oppose these measures)

Links to articles on DNPA proposed new byelaws

Wild Camping Restrictions on Dartmoor

The following are some resources and articles related to the proposed new byelaws. The first two are from the Dartmoor National Park, the proposed changes and the reasons for them by Alison Kohler of the DNPA. The other articles are from opponents of the proposals. I urge those who love Dartmoor to read this material and discuss with others and make your feelings known. I would just add that the original proposals relating to wild camping included initially a proposal to ban wild-camping 1 kilometre from any road. This would have outlawed wild-camping on approximately 40% of Dartmoor where it is currently permitted with "leave no trace" offenders liable to a £500 fine. Understandably the wild-camping community have felt this was criminalising them and not doing anything to tackle those who ignore byelaws anyway - targeting those who "leave no trace" for the misbehaviour of an anti-social minority. The initial draconian restrictions have been scaled back significantly with a new map of permitted areas with new restrictions. A cynic will be forgiven for suggesting that they realised the 1 km ban would have resulted in huge opposition so they had no choice but to scale it back – it could be sold as not as bad as originally threatened. Yet, they are giving themselves the powers to introduce new bans after one consultative public meeting. The proposals also include a ban on "occupying" a parked vehicle after 9 PM. So, if you want to park and star gaze you could find yourself potentially breaking a new byelaw. The DNPA should be championing access and using resources to educate the public on how to do so responsibly. No-one wants anti-social behaviour but regressive measures are not needed and simply won’t work. The last link is to a campaign group set up on Facebook to oppose the new byelaws. Please oppose these proposals wholesale – it is the wrong approach to the problems we face. Dave Parks author of Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks.

History and statement from Prehistoric Dartmoor walks
by Dave Parks, author of Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks

Byelaws Consultation
by Dartmoor National Park Authority

Why Dartmoor's Byelaws are Being Updated
by Alison Kohler - Dartmoor National Park

Why I'm Defending Dartmoor's Wild Campers
by John Bainbridge author and access campaigner

An Open Letter to The Ramblers Regarding the Dartmoor Bylaws
by John Bainbridge author and access campaigner

Dartmoor Bylaws – Another Open Letter to the Ramblers
by John Bainbridge author and access campaigner

Dartmoor campaigner urges outdoor fans to resist plans to restrict wild camping
by Bob Smith, Editor Grough

John Bainbridge: The Compleat Trespasser - Podcast interview with John Burns

Dartmoor Preservation Association: Response to the DNPA Byelaws Consultation

Dartmoor Preservation Association: Response to the DNPA Byelaws Consultation(PDF)

Dartmoor Preservation

Under developent - place holder

useful articles relating to the preservation of Dartmoor.

Burnard, Robert, Dartmoor Preservation, The Western Antiquary; or Devon & Cornwall Notebook Vol.9 (1890)
Burnard, Robert, Plundered Dartmoor, Dartmoor Preservation Association Publication No.11 (1896)
Burnard, Robert, The Disappearing Stone Monuments of Dartmoor, T.D.A. Vol.34 pp.166-167 (1902)
Collier, W. F., Venville Rights on Dartmoor, T.D.A. Vol.19 pp.377-385 (1887) NEW
Collier, W. F., The Duchy of Cornwall on Dartmoor, T.D.A. Vol.21 pp.289-299 (1889) NEW
Collier, W. F., Dartmoor for Devonshire, T.D.A. Vol.26 pp.200-208 (1894) NEW
Collier, W. F., Dartmoor and the County Council of Devonshire, T.D.A. Vol.27 pp.213-221 (1895) NEW
Collier, W. F., The Purchase of Dartmoor, T.D.A. Vol.28 pp.200-208 (1896)
Crossing, William, Report as to Damage to Ancient Monuments and Encroachments on Dartmoor, (1901)
Hine, James, The Preservation of Devon's Monuments (Presidential Address) , T.D.A. Vol.29 pp.25-42 (1897)
Worth, R. Hansford, Dartmoor and the Services, T.D.A. Vol.79 pp.211-226 (1947) NEW

Dartmoor Preservation Association

Dartmoor Preservation Association (DPA) website

DPA response to the DNPA byelaws consultation

DPA: Response to the DNPA Byelaws Consultation

DPA: Response to the DNPA Byelaws Consultation(PDF)

Guide to Public Transport

Guide to Public Transport

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