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Guidance for walkers: The monuments featured in this database are archaeological treasures and need to be protected and preserved - please do not disturb any sites. Please check access and firing times before visiting sites, not all sites listed are on open access land. Firing ranges and boundaries of open access areas are marked on the OL28 OS Dartmoor Explorer map. Please stick to the country code and consider giving support to the numerous agencies that help to keep Dartmoor a fabulous natural and historic environment!

About the database: In all listings clicking on the photo will open a page for the site with a larger photo. The listings are drawn mainly from scientific journals and will not include the most recently discovered minor sites. There is comprehensive coverage of stone circles, stone rows and menhirs. Listings for cists and cairn circles should cover most of the better known sites. There are only partial entries for round cairns, settlements, pounds and none for reaves. For listings of specific types of monument click on Resources in the menu above. Corrections, or any feedback or suggestions are very welcome, email:

NOTE: Clicking on the icons for each monument in the map will give the name of the monument. Where icons overlap they are replaced with an icon with a number - zooming in may separate them out.

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Cholwich Town Stone Row

OS Map: SX 58500 62300
NMR record: SX 56 SE 33
HER record: 2438
Megalithic Portal: 1824
The Stone Rows of GB: Cholwichtown
PMD: Cholwich Town Stone Row
Alternate name: Cholwichtown stone row Stone Row
ShortName: SRxCholwich
Butler map: 48.7
Notes: "This ring and stone row is now covered by china clay waste. A stone row and circle on top of a low ridge, between Tory Brook and a tributary of the Yealm, near Cholwich Town. The row, extending over 700ft, consisted of uprights 2-3ft. high and 3ft. apart, the circle, at the northern end of the row, was 15ft. in diameter with seven upright stones. The site was excavated in 1961, and the sockets of many missing stones were found, also a pit 8ft. in diameter in the centre of the circle." Pollen analysis suggested the row was originally in a clearing of a wooded area.
Nearby sites: SX58506230
Distance: 1.19km

Penn Beacon 1 Cairn Circle & Cist

Penn Beacon 1 Cairn Circle & Cist

OS Map: SX 59532 62482
NMR record: SX 56 SE 62
HER record: 12909
PMD: Penn Beacon 1
Alternate name: Penn Beacon 1 stone row Cairn Circle & Cist
ShortName: CT:Penn Beac2
Butler map: 52.14.1
DPD page: 61
Grinsell: COR 3
Notes: A cairn on the lower slope of Penn Beacon, close to stone row (sx56se/2). Opened in 1872 by Spence Bate and Oliver: a fine cist was found, a stone implement and many pot fragments, one quite substantial. The cairn stands at the north end of a double stone row which extends for 7.0m. The cist is not visible. See also: Bate's 1872 Report
Nearby sites: SX59536248
Distance: 1.96km

Penn Beacon S.W. Stone Row

Penn Beacon S.W. Stone Row

OS Map: SX 59523 62471
NMR record: SX 56 SE 62
HER record: 2399
Megalithic Portal: 2077
The Stone Rows of GB: Penn Beacon South West
PMD: Penn Beacon Cairn Stone Row
Alternate name: Penn Beacon SW Stone Row
ShortName: SR:PennBeac SW
Butler map: 52.14.1
DPD page: 61
Notes: "A short double stone row 24ft. long and nearly 2ft. wide consisting of two pairs of stones on the southern slope of Penn Beacon. To the north end of the row there is a cairn approximately 52 feet in diameter and 6 foot high. It was excavated in 1872, a cist was discovered, though the capstone had collapsed at one end. Fragments of a wide mouthed jar were found and a slate implement, thought to be used for fashioning clay vessels". Lethbridge p.61 Penn Moor south double stone row and cairn - diagram p.59. See also: Bate's 1872 Report
Nearby sites: SX59526247
Distance: 1.95km

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