Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
Dartmoor Site: Western Red Lake W. Reported Cairn

Western Red Lake W. Reported Cairn

OS Map: SX 56390 82890
OS Source: Constructed
NMR record: SX 58 SE 13
HER record: 3571
Alternate name: Western Red Lake W.
Short Name: CN?Western R1
Butler map: 32.19
Grinsell: PETER TAVY 18
Exist: Maybe
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cairn Class: Yes
Barrow Report: 25
Dimensions (m): 1.2 x 0.6
Lidar: SX56398289
Notes: Not located. A small cairn was found by I K Anderson, near Homer Red Lake on 5th June, 1905. It was 4 feet in diameter and 2 feet high at the centre. There was no stone circle. Burnt earth was first found
within one foot of the surface and afterwards more burnt earth, a good quantity of charcoal, some ash and one good worked flint with a remarkably sharp edge (a small semicircular scraper - R H Worth)
Nearby sites: SX56398289

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