Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
Dartmoor Site: White Ridge S.W. Cairn

White Ridge S.W. Cairn

OS Map: SX 64140 81600
OS Source: Constructed
NMR record: SX 68 SW 8
HER record: 6770
Alternate name: White Ridge S.W.
Short Name: CN:White Rid2
Butler map: 35.11
Grinsell: LYDFORD 19
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cairn Class: Yes
Dimensions (m): 6.5 x 0.4
Notes: Round cairn lying immediately west of an enclosed stone hut circle settlement in Great Stannon newtake (SX64158160).
Diameter 7.2 metres, height 0. 9 metres. Kerb. Robbed. Central pit 2.2 metres by 0.8 metres by 0.1 metres deep. Grass covered mound with some edge set stones on the west side which may represent the remnants of a kerb. The orientation of the central pit is 123 degrees. Large number of stones protruding from the mound, many of which have quartz in them.
Nearby sites: SX64148160

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