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Dartmoor Site: Merrivale C Stone Row

Merrivale C Stone Row

Merrivale C Stone Row

Photo taken on 17-05-2019

Database entries

PDW coverage: Dartmoor Site: Merrivale Ceremonial Complex [Photo Set 1]
OS Map: SX 55394 74761
OS Source: SRGB
HER: MDV5001
Megalithic Portal: 3391
The Stone Rows of GB: Merrivale 3
PMD: Merrivale C Stone Row
Alternate name: Merrivale 3
Short Name: SR MerrivaleC
Butler map: 44.8.3
DPD page: 17
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: PDW
Cairn Class: No
Dimensions (m): 60
Lidar: SX 55394 74761
Nearest Bus Stop: Merrivale Dartmoor Inn (0.7 km) [Route: 98,171,172]
Nearby sites: SX 55394 74761


Butler Merrivale 3. Worth Merrivale C. "A stone row and a small cairn lie to the south of the double stone rows in close-cropped moorland turf. The cairn located at the northern end and slightly off-centre to the row, measures 3.2m across and up to 0.5m high. An 0.3m deep central pit opens out on the southern side. There is no obvious kerb or cist but a transverse slab, the terminal slab of the row, is set within the south side of the mound. The existence of this slab suggest that the row pre-dates the mound. The stone row extends for 41.7m in a southerly direction to an upright stone (SX553774720). However, during the English Heritage 1999 survey a further stone was located on the same alignment beyond this stone indicating an overall length for the row of at least 60m. The new partially buried stone at SX55337484 is visible as a rounded stone 0.15m across; it is similar to others in the row. A total of six upright stones, six stones protruding through the turf and about ten slight depressions, now indicate this 60m long alignment. The transverse stone within the cairn is 0.5m by 0.4 and 0.15m thick. The two adjacent in line slabs are 0.6m 0.3m by 0.15m and 0.3 by 0.2 and 0.2m thick respectively. The other large stone (SX55377472) is 0.5 by 0.4 and up to 0.4m thick. The other stones are up to 0.15m high." Lethbridge pp.16-18 Row C, diagram p.16.


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