Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
Dartmoor Site: Shilley Pool N. Cairn Circle

Shilley Pool N. Cairn Circle

OS Map: SX 65030 91420
OS Source: HER
NMR record: SX 69 SE 9
HER record: 6945
PMD: Shilley Pool N.
Alternate name: Shilley Pool N.
Short Name: CN:Shilley P1
Butler map: 39.6
Grinsell: SOUTH TAWTON 5a
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cist Class: Maybe
Cairn Class: Yes
Dimensions (m): 8.9 x 0.3
Lidar: SX65039142
Notes: Mound, possibly a barrow, shown on os 6" as 'mound', on 1:25000 os as 'tumulus'.
Nearby sites: SX65039142

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