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Dartmoor Site: Shoveldown B Stone Row

Shoveldown B Stone Row

Shoveldown B Stone Row

Photo taken on 14-04-2008

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Shovel Down Ceremonial Complex
OS Map: SX 65955 86026
OS Source: SRGB
HER record: 6171
Megalithic Portal: 2129
The Stone Rows of GB: Shoveldown 2
PMD: Shovel Down A-B Stone Row
Alternate name: Shoveldown 2
Short Name: SR Shovel B
Butler map: 36.7.2
DPD page: 139
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: PDW
Cairn Class: No
Dimensions (m): 182
Lidar: SX65968603
Notes: Worth Row A. Butler Rows 2.

('B' SX 65968615 to SX 65968601) Double row to the east. Length 596 ft. Rows 3 ft 6in apart. Row is near Batworthy enclosure and has been much robbed; now just 12 pairs of stones and 15 single. Spacing of stones along the rows is around 6 ft. Two fallen stones next to the circle are much the largest in the row; one is 11 ft 6in, in length. and the other 7ft 4 in. The southern end of the row terminates in the Fourfold Circle (SX 68 NE 17). Lethbridge 139-145, diagram p.139.
Nearby sites: SX65968603

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These are selected references with an emphasis on out of copyright sources linked as PDFs. For more detailed references try any linked HER record. For some records there are very good resources on the Prehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor (PMD) website by Bill Radcliffe. Barrow reports are linked above as are references to Butler, Grinsell and Turner.

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