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Dartmoor Site: Shoveldown C Stone Row

Shoveldown C Stone Row

Database entries

PDW coverage: Dartmoor Site: Shovel Down Ceremonial Complex
OS Map: SX 65998 85903
OS Source: SRGB
HER: MDV14875
Megalithic Portal: 2127
The Stone Rows of GB: Shoveldown 4
PMD: Shovel Down C-F Stone Row
Alternate name: Shoveldown 4
Short Name: SR:Shovel C
Butler map: 36.7.4
DPD page: 139
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: PDW
Cairn Class: No
Dimensions (m): 118
Lidar: SX 65998 85903
Nearest Bus Stop (Minor): Wonson Telephone Box (3.9 km) [Route: 670]
Nearest Bus Stop (Major): Chagford The Square (4.4 km) [Route: 173,178,671]
Nearby sites: SX 65998 85903


Worth Row C, Butler Rows 4. "('C' SX 65948601 to SX 65998590) A double row, 380 feet long, with an average distance of five feet between the rows. Most of the pairs of stones are complete and the southern end terminates in a barrow (SX 68 NE 34). No special feature marks the northern end." Lethbridge 139-145, diagram p.139.

"C: SX 65998592 to SX 65938602. A double row (83 stones visible July '78), with minor breaks; at 40 metres from the northern end it is overlain and mutilated by a reave and later hollow-way. The row terminates at the southern end on a cairn with the remains of a cist (SX 68 NE 34). The apparent north-westward extension as a single stone row, is a denuded probable Bronze Age reave (SX 68 NE 63)."


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