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Dartmoor Site: Great Gnats' Head 2 Reported Cist

Great Gnats' Head 2 Reported Cist

Database entries

OS Map: SX 6119 6803
OS Source: Constructed
HER: MDV5092
Alternate name: Great Gnats' Head 2
Short Name: CN:GreatGnats2
Butler map: 50.5.2
Grinsell: SHAUGH PRIOR 1a
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cist Class: Yes
Cairn Class: Yes
Barrow Report: 20
Dimensions (m): 4.0 x 0.2
Lidar: SX 6119 6803
Nearest Bus Stop: Princetown Dartmoor Visitor Centre (5.9 km) [Route: 98,171,172]
Nearby sites: SX 6119 6803


"Round cairn adjacent to cist. Cairn lies 4m s of the cist and survives as a 4m diam and 0.2m high mound. This cairn was investigated in 1901 and found to cover a circular, carefully paved area lying on top of a large flat stone."


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