Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
Dartmoor Site: Round Hill S.E.4 Cairn Circle & Cist

Round Hill S.E.4 Cairn Circle & Cist

OS Map: SX 60630 73960
OS Source: Constructed
NMR record: SX 67 SW 16
HER record: 6250
PMD: Roundhill Leat
Alternate name: Round Hill S.E.4
Short Name: CN:RoundhilSE4
Butler map: 65.3.4
Grinsell: LYDFORD 83
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cist Class: Maybe
Cairn Class: Yes
Dimensions (m): c.7.0
Notes: Prowse 1901. Cairn with retaining circle. Remnant of a small cairn enclosing portions of two kists side by side, level with the surface and nearly filled up with soil. Note - cists no longer visible.
Nearby sites: SX60637396

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