Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
Dartmoor Site: Ranny Brook, N (COR 11b) Reported Cairn

Ranny Brook, N (COR 11b) Reported Cairn

OS Map: SX 62240 63430
OS Source: Constructed
NMR record: SX 66 SW 28
HER record: 4271
Alternate name: Ranny Brook, N (COR 11b)
Short Name: CNxRanny Bro7
Grinsell: CORNWOOD 11b
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Grinsell
Hut Class: Yes
Cairn Class: No
Dimensions (m): 4.3
Notes: This retaining circle appears to be the possible remains of a hut circle. Vis=30/6/1976 (grinsell). Retaining circle or hut. Diameter 5m, height of stones 0.3m. Grinsell states that worth describes another circle of 6 stones adjoining the se of this circle. Vis=5/8/1977 (os). The remains of two hut circles at sx62186342 and sx62196343, both in poor condition.
Nearby sites: SX62246343

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