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Dartmoor Site: Gripper's Hill (NW spur) Reported Cairn

Gripper's Hill (NW spur) Reported Cairn

OS Map: SX 68300 66000
OS Source: Constructed
NMR record: SX 66 NE 68
HER record: 21710
Alternate name: Gripper's Hill (NW spur)
Short Name: CN?Gripper's2
Grinsell: DEAN PRIOR 4a
Exist: Maybe
Record: Unique
Record Source: Grinsell
Cairn Class: Maybe
Dimensions (m): 5 ?
Notes: A cairn was alleged at this location but there does not now appear to be any physical evidence. HER 21740 is based on this recod but gives NMR as SX 683 680. The record originates with Grinsel who gives SX 683 660 "roughly" - which is 2km south!
Nearby sites: SX68306600

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