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Dartmoor Site: Stan Lake Platform Cairn Circle

Stan Lake Platform Cairn Circle

Database entries

PDW coverage: Dartmoor Walk: Sharpitor area Stone Rows and Cists
OS Map: SX 56896 70285
OS Source: Sandy
HER: MDV4996
Megalithic Portal: 45649
Alternate name: Stan Lake
Short Name: PC:Stan Lake
Turner: E29
Exist: Yes
Record: Duplicate
Record Source: PDW
Hut Class: Yes
Cairn Class: Maybe
Dimensions (m): 4.2
Lidar: SX 56896 70285
Nearest Bus Stop: Dousland Merrivale View Road (3.4 km) [Route: 55,56]
Nearby sites: SX 56896 70285


"much disturbed". Alleged cairn circle. NMR record states "At SX 56897029, a felled conifer currently obscures much of what appears to be a hut circle rather than a cairn, situated on a south-east slope near a valley bottom. (Identification as a cairn may have originated with H. Breton)." Idenitified as a round house in the HER. This record is marked as a duplicate as it replicates PWD record SiteID=8769.


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