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Dartmoor Site: Beacon Plain B Standing Stone

Beacon Plain B Standing Stone

Beacon Plain B Standing Stone

Photo taken on 29-09-2011

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Walk: The Neolithic tombs of Cuckoo Ball & Corringdon Ball
OS Map: SX 65886 59210
OS Source: Google
HER record: 2883
Megalithic Portal: 44532
The Stone Rows of GB: Butterdon East
PMD: Beacon Plain
Alternate name: Beacon Plain B
Short Name: SS Beacon Pl2
Butler map: 53.8
Butler Vol 5: p.216 & Fig.150
DPD page: 79
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: PDW
Cairn Class: No
Dimensions (m): 5.4 x 0.7 x 0.5
Lidar: SX65895921
Notes: "There are two possible menhirs, on Beacon Plain, 500 yards east of Hangershell Rock. The more easterly stone measures 18 feet 4 inches in length. The other stone lies 57 yards away on a bearing 26 degrees south of west. It is 18 feet in length, 5 feet 6 inches wide at one end, and tapers to a blunt point. The stones are completely isolated on a grass moor, and have none of the characteristics of surface boulders. If they were menhirs they are the largest known on Dartmoor." There are suggestions these two stones are ends of a short stone row with a smaller stone in between. For more on that see coverage on the SRGB and on PMD. See also HER record MDV2888.
Nearby sites: SX65895921

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These are selected references with an emphasis on out of copyright sources linked as PDFs. For more detailed references try any linked HER record. For some records there are very good resources on the Prehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor (PMD) website by Bill Radcliffe. Barrow reports are linked above as are references to Butler, Grinsell and Turner.

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