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Dartmoor Site: Roebuck Hotel (NW of) Reported Cairn

Roebuck Hotel (NW of) Reported Cairn

OS Map: SX 54590 91910
OS Source: Grinsell
NMR record: SX 59 SW 5
HER record: 4771
Alternate name: Roebuck Hotel (NW of)
Short Name: CN?Roebuck
Grinsell: List B SOURTON 1
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source:
Cairn Class: No
Notes: Square? Thought to be Roman or later. "A Civil War redoubt situated 750 metres south east of East Linnacombe in an elevated position overlooking Dartmoor and the valley of the River Thrushel. The earthwork was possibly erected in 1642 to guard the Cornish side of Okehampton. The monument survives as a double ditched, square-shaped enclosure with a square central platform measuring 13.9 metres across by 0.7 metres high, topped by a slight bank up to 3.6 metres wide and 0.2 metres high. Surrounding the platform is a 2 metre wide and 0.2 metre deep ditch, beyond which is a second bank 1.8 metres wide and 0.2 metres high and a second ditch up to 2.4 metres wide and 0.3 metres deep. Scheduled."
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