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Dartmoor Site: Stennen Hill No. 1 Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

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Stennen Hill No. 1 Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Stennen Hill No. 1 Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Photo taken on 27-06-2015

OS Map: SX 62573 77905
OS Source: Garmin
NMR record: SX 67 NW 15
HER record: 5846
Megalithic Portal: 45736
PMD: Powder Mills W.
Alternate name: Stennen Hill 1
Short Name: CT:Stennen 1
Butler map: 29.11.1
Butler Vol 5: p.199 & Fig.142
Dixon Cist #: 76
Grinsell: LYDFORD 47
Turner: E13
DPD page: 111
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cist Class: Yes
Cairn Class: Yes
Barrow Report: 57
Dimensions (m): 6.5 x 0.3 C
Lidar: SX62577791
Notes: "Cist lies approximately in the centre of a subcircular cairn measuring 7 by 6.5m the longer axis and cist aligned nne to ssw. It is stony but almost turf-covered with 2 large kerbstones, including burnards `menhir' remaining in situ in the nw. The cist is flush with the cairn top, which is flattish and stands only 0.2m high on the nw but up to 0.7m high on the se, downhill side. This may be the cairn's original form; built into the slope as a flat platform with the cist visible (nmr citing pattison)". See also HER. Lethbridge photo top p.111. Butler Stennen Hill 1 - Vol. 2. Map 29.11 (diagram Vol. 5. p.199).
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