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Dartmoor Site: Hentor Cist

Hentor Cist

Hentor Cist

Photo taken on 13-08-2017

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Guide to the Hentor & Shavercombe Brook Cists
OS Map: SX 59252 65720
OS Source: Garmin
HER record: 55317
Megalithic Portal: 45790
PMD: Hen Tor Warren 1
Alternate name: Hen Tor N.1
Short Name: CT Hen Tor N1
Butler map: 49.22.1
Dixon Cist #: 131
DPD page: 51
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cist Class: Yes
Cairn Class: Yes
Dimensions (m): 3.5 x 0.4 C
Lidar: SX59256572
Notes: Butler Hen Tor 1 (Cairn 1) - Vol. 3. Map 49.22 (general plan of Hen Tor with diagram of cists pp.146-7). "A low earthen barrow or cairn with cist. The barrow is 4m by 3.5m and 0.6m high. The centrally placed cist is 1.2m by 0.75m. internally and 0.2m deep. Three side stones visible, with the cist aligned north-east/south-west, but no coverstone. The overall condition is fair". Lethbridge p.50-51 Shavercombe Cist F - diagram p.49.
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