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Dartmoor Site: Two Barrows S Cairn

Two Barrows S Cairn

Two Barrows S Cairn

Photo taken on 19-08-2017

Database entries

OS Map: SX 70663 79203
OS Source: Google
HER: MDV7411
Megalithic Portal: 16632
Alternate name: Two Barrows 2
Short Name: CN TwoBarrowsS
Butler map: 20.11.2
Butler Vol 5: p.23 & Fig.106
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cairn Class: Yes
Dimensions (m): 11.5 x 1.0
Lidar: SX 70663 79203
Nearest Bus Stop (Minor): Widecombe in the Moor Car Park (2.7 km) [Route: 271]
Nearest Bus Stop (Major): Warren House Inn (3.7 km) [Route: 171]
Nearby sites: SX 70663 79203


Two Barrows 2. An oval, stony mound measuring 15.5m E-W and 10.5m N-S. It stands up to 1.1m high and was probably originally bowl-profiled. The N slope is spit by a narrow path and a N-S slope across the top of the barrow has caused minor damage. It appears to be unexcavated. The mounds is crossed by a maintained drystone field wall, approaching from the SE and turning W on the barrow. The wall is built over the mound and does not seem to have caused much damage. This barrow appears to have been a target point for a reave, Fleming's Hameldon South, approaching from the E and stopping 3.5m short of the mound. The reave line is continued W by the modern wall beyond the barrow. See also: Bate, C Spence, Researches into Some Antient Tumuli on Dartmoor, T.D.A. Vol. 5 pp.549-58 (1872). Butler Volume 1 Map 20.11


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