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Dartmoor Site: Brisworthy Cup Stone

Brisworthy Cup Stone

OS Map: SX 55980 65160
OS Source: Constructed
HER record: 18859
Megalithic Portal: 45854
Alternate name: Brisworthy
Short Name: CS:Brisworthy
DPD page: 34
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: PDW
Cairn Class: No
Lidar: SX55986516
Notes: Described by Worth as a mortar stone. "A large undressed block of granite built into a hedge has been identified as a cup-marked rock. There are 15 discrete cup-marks ranging from 80mm to 40mm in diameter and 25-5mm deep. These other shallow depressions may also be cup-marks". "Down a muddy lane at Brisworthy Hamlets". Lethbridge photo and diagram p.34.
Nearby sites: SX55986516

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These are selected references with an emphasis on out of copyright sources linked as PDFs. For more detailed references try any linked HER record. For some records there are very good resources on the Prehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor (PMD) website by Bill Radcliffe. Barrow reports are linked above as are references to Butler, Grinsell and Turner.

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