Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
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Dartmoor Walk: Ringmoor, Brisworthy Circle and Legis Pound

ROUTE: Long walk. Start Bus to Burrator Inn, Dousland. Marchant's Cross. Ringmoor Cottage. Across Ringmoor Down to Brisworthy Stone Circle. Legis Tor. Great Trowlesworthy Tor. Ditsworthy Warren House. Drizzlecombe. Deancombe, Burrator. Finish Sharpitor Car park. Distance 20km.

SITES OF INTEREST: Ringmoor Down Cairn Circle. Brisworthy Stone Circle. Legis Tor Settlements. Trowlesworthy Settlements, Row and Cairn Circle. Drizzlecombe.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Walk originally based on the discontinued Transmoor Bus Service. Probably now possible starting from Plymouth to Yelverton or starting from Tavistock.

Ringmoor, Brisworthy Circle and Legis Pound

Start at the crossroads by Burrator Inn. Take the Burrator Road south 2 km through Meavy to Marchant's Cross. At Marchant's Cross take the left turn and head east for 0.5 km along the minor road towards Yeo Farm. Around 400m along this road there is a track that forks right, due east from the road at SX 54096685. Follow this tack to Ringmoor Cottage. On the road by Ringmoor Cottage is a lay-by with some parking with a turnstile over the fence on to Ringmoor Down. Head 1 km SSE over Ringmoor Down to the Ringmoor Row and Cairn Circle. The clay works are visible in the distance due south and Brisworthy plantation is 500m due west. Brisworthy Stone Circle should be visible down hill SSE just above the boundary wall. Follow the wall east from Brisworthy Circle over the Legis Lake brook to Legis Tor. The fence on the right needs to be traversed. It can be crossed at a gate near Legis Lake river or alternatively climb up hill to find a stile just beyond Legis Tor.

The South side of Legis Tor is covered with enclosures and settlements. Find a convenient point to cross the River Plym and head south to climb over Little Trowlesworthy Tor and on to Great Trowlesworthy Tor. From here the China Clay Works can be seen. Just to the north of the Big Pond (marked on the OS map) and about 500m SW of Trowlesworthy Tor are the Trowlesworthy Stone Rows. Follow the clay works leat NW and round back towards Legis Tor. Cross the River Plym and head east to Ditsworthy Warren House. From here head NE to the Drizzlecombe Complex. From Drizzlecombe head NW back towards Burrator Reservoir entering at Deancombe. At the car park at Norsworthy Bridge head north either via the path following the River Meavy or the path further to the west that connects with the Devonport Leat. Once out of the plantation head west to Sharpitor car park for the bus home.

Alternative Burrator walk start point

In such a beautiful area it may seem odd starting a walk with a dull stretch of road. Starting from Burrator Inn instead of Sharpitor car park shaves around 3 km off the journey plus it is quicker by road than across the moor. This saves nearly 1 hour on a time limited walk (given the earliest bus out and the latest bus back) and thus extends our range. There is a lot to see in the Burrator area, the road walk can be avoided by starting at Sharpitor car park and visiting fewer sites and returning more directly to allow time to get the bus home.

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