Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
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Dartmoor Walk: Langstone Moor & White Tor Fort

ROUTE: Long walk. Start Princetown. Finish Princetown. Distance 21km

SITES OF INTEREST: White Tor Fort; Langstone Moor Menhir, Stone Row and Stone Circle. Langstone Moor Settlements

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Walk originally based on the discontinued Transmoor Bus Service. Probably now possible starting from Plymouth to Yelverton or starting from Tavistock.

FIRING RANGE NOTICES: Langstone Moor is within the Merrivale Firing Range. Check Dartmoor Training Area Firing Notice for the Firing Programme before walking this route.

White Tor Fort & Langstone Moor Circle & Settlements

This walk is an extension to the walk Princetown 1: Merrivale Complex & Walkhampton Settlements. From Princetown we head to the Merrivale Complex. A feature of this walk is some of the best preserved Bronze Age settlements on Dartmoor. The settlements on either side of the B3357 at the Merrivale site are worth investigating. Head 0.5km along the road down hill to the Merrivale Quarry. Just beyond the quarry there is a steep climb NW up Great Staple Tor. Go over Great Staple Tor and head for Roos Tor. From the Logan Stone on Roos Tor head NW down the steep slopes of Roos Tor to the settlements near Wedlake. On the OS map there is a path marked which heads due north across the wall bounded fields up to Stephen's grave on the Lichway. Alternatively follow the wall NE round to the base of White Tor. The ascent to the summit of White Tor is hard going but well worth it to see this Neolithic fort. On White Tor itself there are many cairns and to the north are reaves with associated enclosures and settlements.

From White Tor head east down hill to the Langstone Mehir. This standing stone can be seen from some distance. At times the terrain here can be a bit boggy under foot. At points it maybe necessary to back track and try a different route across Langstone moor. Head south-east to the Langstone Moor Stone Circle. Then head due south to find a well preserved enclosure and settlements. Crossing the River Walkham can be done with some care across the rocks in the river once a suitable crossing point has been found. Obviously do not attempt this after heavy rainfalls or if you do not have confidence that you can safely cross - in this case continue the journey back towards Merrivale on the west bank of the Walkham. Once across the Walkham head due south along the lower slopes of Great Mis Tor. On the south westerly slopes of Great Mis Tor is a patch work of enclosures and settlements, many again well preserved. Head back to Merrivale and from there back to Princetown.

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