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Dartmoor Site: Royal Hill, Central Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Royal Hill, Central Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Royal Hill, Central Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Photo taken on 13-09-2014

Royal Hill, Central Platform Cairn Circle and Cist

Plan by RHW. Barrow Report 27. TDA Vol.40 1908

Database entries

OS Map: SX 62082 72334
OS Source: Google
HER: MDV6304
Megalithic Portal: 34960
PMD: Royal Hill E.
Alternate name: Royal Hill E.4
Short Name: CT RoyalHill 4
Butler map: 65.5.4
Dixon Cist #: 23
Grinsell: LYDFORD 89
Turner: E21
DPD page: 98
Exist: Yes
Record: Unique
Record Source: Butler
Cist Class: Yes
Cairn Class: Yes
Barrow Report: 27 47
Dimensions (m): 5.5 x 0.6 C
Lidar: SX 62082 72334
Nearby sites: SX 62082 72334


"The cairn has an overall diameter of about 7.5m in diameter, and 0.6m high, with a flattish top. There are traces of an inner kerb 4.5m in diameter, and an outer one 5.7m across comprising boulders and slabs, the largest 1.5m long, 0.6m high, and 0.2m thick. The interior of the central cist is about 0.8m square with four stones up to 0.25m thick and 0.6m deep but the southern one overlaps the sides, is 1m long, and gives the cist its NW to SE alignment. This and the two end stones incline inwards; the northern one inclines slightly outwards. There is no cover stone." Lethbridge diagram p.97 Cist B, photo p.98. Turner E21 - listed as Royal Hill (N) [n.b. we have a south, central & north - N being a different cist]. Butler Royal Hill E. 4 (Cairn 4 - diagram p.233) - Vol. 4. Map 65.5.


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