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Dartmoor Site: Round Pound and Kes Tor Settlements

Round Pound and Kes Tor Settlements

This site is featured on the Warren House Inn: Kestor, Shovel Down & Scorhill Stone Circle walk. The photos are of the Round Pound and Kes Tor Settlements (SX66308680 Butler Vol. 2. Map 36, 1). A large prehistoric settlement covers all but the south western slopes of Kes Tor. The Bronze Age farmers built reaves and hut circles in this area. They were not however the first settlers here. Thousands of Neolithic and even some Mesolithic flints have been found in the Batworthy enclosure. On the northern side of Batworthy Lane is the Round Pound as seen in the photos below. The third photo is of a droveway running away from the Round Pound. The Round Pound was probably occupied during the Bronze age but was re-occupied later and there are remains of iron smelting inside the building. Later in the medieval period it is thought that it was occupied again and it is thought that the 5 radial walls were constructed during this period. The last photos here are of Kes Tor and the basin on Kes Tor.

These photos were taken on the 6th June 2010.

Bibliography & references

Butler, J. Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities: Vol. 2. - The North (Devon Books, 1991)

Round Pound, Batworthy Corner
Round Pound, Batworthy Corner
Round Pound Droveway
Kestor Basin

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