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Prehistoric Settlements

Walkhampton Enclosed Settlement

Photo: Walkhampton Enclosed Settlement

There are numerous prehistoric settlements on Dartmoor too many to give complete listings. Some of the larger enclosed settlements were added to the database along with some settlements that specifically feature on some of the walks on this website. The main source for the list of enclosed settlements are those that feature in Petit's Prehistoric Dartmoor. This listing has been added to make the database entries for settlements easy to see in one place.

Bibliography & references

Butler, J. Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities: Vol. 5. - The Second Millennium B.C. (Devon Books, 1997)
Newman, Phil The Field Archaeology of Dartmoor (English Heritage, 2011)
Pettit, Paul. Prehistoric Dartmoor (David & Charles, 1974)
Worth, R.H. Worth's Dartmoor (David & Charles, 1971)

Listing of some of the Prehistoric Settlements on Dartmoor

About the Database Listings

Details of archaeological sites used to be kept in the Sites and Monuments Records (SMRs). These are now held in National Monument Records (NMRs) maintained by English Heritage although these in turn are being merged into Historic Environment Records (HERs). The NMRs contains details of the site and will often include field notes, a limited bibliography and other useful information. Another rich source of such information is Bill Radcliffe's Prehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor (PMD) website. The records below were compiled independently from books and journals and then matched to the NMR records and then cross-referenced with any corresponding PMD records to ensure accuracy. Each record has a link to corresponding NMR and PMD records, a link to the location on the Ordnance Survey map, a photo (if available) and a link to relevant coverage on Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks and a link giving a listing of nearby sites. The HER records are not included as they do not yet have much information but they can be looked up via the PMD records. The author would like to thank Bill Radcliffe for the helpful correspondence whilst checking records. See also: Database and Web Search Tools

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Archerton Settlement

OS Map: SX 64100 78800
HER record: 5931
Megalithic Portal: 42727
Short Name: ST:Archerton
Notes: An oval pound now planted with trees. Rowe noted remains of banks and a hut within the enclosure. Prowse mentions traceable sub-division banks with distinct evidence of nine hut circles and a further one, ten yards diameter, "close outside on the east". See: T.D.A. Vol. 23 pp.311-12
Nearby sites: SX64107880

Bellever Settlement

OS Map: SX 64600 76700
HER record: 5919
Megalithic Portal: 23723
Short Name: ST:Bellever
Notes: Hut circle at Bellever excavated in recent years. See also A dig in Devon reveals how life was lived 3,500 years ago: from cookery to DIY and Bellever's bustling Bronze Age uncovered
Nearby sites: SX64607670

Bellever Tor N. Enclosed Settlement

Bellever Tor N. Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 64500 76800
HER record: 27672
Megalithic Portal: 24263
Short Name: ES BelleverTor
Notes: The photo was taken at SX 64510 76849.
Nearby sites: SX64507680

Berry Pound

OS Map: SX 71325 80349
HER record: 8754
Short Name: PD:Berry
Notes: Berry Pound a Prehistoric enclosure on Hamel Down
Nearby sites: SX71338035

Blatchford Brook Foot Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 63500 63800
HER record: 27894
Megalithic Portal: 14935
Short Name: ES:Blatchford
Nearby sites: SX63506380

Broadun Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 63540 79930
HER record: 5946
Megalithic Portal: 26043
Short Name: ES:Broadun
Notes: "An enclosed settlement, maximum dimensions 300m NE/SW by 250m NW/SE, giving an area of 6ha. Enclosure cut through on SE by a leat, but wall still visible. Inside are 36 huts, and a further 3 outside. Condition of huts mainly poor. Average internal diameter is 3.7m: the largest is 13m by 10.5m, the smallest 2.5m. The enclosure wall appears contemporary with or later than the huts. The interior of the enclosure appears to have been cleared." See also HER entry 6800
Nearby sites: SX63547993

Broadun Ring Enclosed Settlement

Broadun Ring Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 63734 80207
HER record: 6746
Megalithic Portal: 26048
Short Name: ES BroadunRing
Nearby sites: SX63738021

Brockhill Settlement

OS Map: SX 67700 65700
HER record: 5233
Megalithic Portal: 42627
Short Name: ST:Brockhill
Nearby sites: SX67706570

Brown Heath Enclosed Settlement

Brown Heath Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 64080 65390
HER record: 5135
Megalithic Portal: 14936
Short Name: ES Brown Heath
DPD: 74
Barrow Report: 38
Notes: "A fine example of an enclosure. The walling consisting of very large stones reaching a height of one metre. It contains three hut circles and a number of courts situated mainly on its north and western sides. There is no obvious entrance." Lethbridge p. 74, diagram p.71. Hook Lake on Megalithic Portal.
Nearby sites: SX64086539

Bush Down Settlement

OS Map: SX 68490 82170
HER record: 6596
Megalithic Portal: 7699
Short Name: ST:BushDown
Nearby sites: SX68498217

Buttern Hill Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 65500 89000
HER record: 6140
Megalithic Portal: 25242
Short Name: ES:ButternHill
Nearby sites: SX65508900

Cator Pound

Cator Pound

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Cator Pound
OS Map: SX 67300 77650
HER record: 6009
Megalithic Portal: 34961
Short Name: PD Cator Pound
Notes: The photo here is of the drove road to Cator pound. The pound is a very substantial prehistoric structure.
Nearby sites: SX67307765

Cholwichtown Contour Reave Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 59376 63439
HER record: 2435
Short Name: ST:Cholwich
Notes: Enclosure with hut circles on Cholwich Town contour reave.
Nearby sites: SX59386344

Cox Tor N.E. Settlement

OS Map: SX 53600 76500
HER record: 4105
Megalithic Portal: 17508
Short Name: ST:CoxTorNE
Notes: Details via Megalithic Portal.
Nearby sites: SX53607650

Dean Moor Enclosed Settlement

Dean Moor Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 67760 65450
HER record: 14799
Megalithic Portal: 45324
Short Name: ES Dean Moor
Notes: Enclosed settlement on Dean Moor, excavated between 1954 and 1956, prior to construction of the reservoir. Prehistoric walled enclosure containing at least 13 huts together with pens. Parallels have been drawn with the settlement at Kestor. Part of the prehistoric settlement was incorporated into a medieval farmstead (see HER record 14221). Part of site now flooded by Avon Reservoir.
Nearby sites: SX67766545

Dewerstone Hill Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 53830 63930
HER record: 63617
Megalithic Portal: 29453
Short Name: ES:Dewerstone
Notes: "stone hut circle forming part of an enclosed settlement on the summit of dewerstone hill "
Nearby sites: SX53836393

Drizzlecombe Enclosed Settlement

Drizzlecombe Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Drizzlecombe Ceremonial Complex (Photos 1)
OS Map: SX 59340 67140
HER record: 4046
Megalithic Portal: 10509
Short Name: ES Drizzle
Butler map: 49.19
DPD: 39
Notes: "The drizzlecombe pound (diam (max 67m, min 64m), thic of wall (max 1.52m, min 1.37m), area 0.3ha) is not circular as there is a considerable length of straight wall on the sw. The wall is much ruined in parts. An inner lining of slabs is still visible on the nw side. Mean elevation of ground is 366m od ground slopes to sw with mean gradient of 1 in 7. A cairn lies a few yards outside the pound wall, two hut circles within the enclosure. The entrance is in the west wall". Lethbridge pp.38-42, diagram p.38.
Nearby sites: SX59346714

Dry Lake North Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 63900 63600
HER record: 4294
Megalithic Portal: 14934
Short Name: ES:DryLakeN
Nearby sites: SX63906360

Dunnabridge Pound

Dunnabridge Pound

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Dunnabridge Pound
OS Map: SX 64620 74650
HER record: 6272
Megalithic Portal: 10635
PMD: Dunnabridge Pound
Short Name: PD Dunnabridge
Notes: Dunnabridge Pound probably has its origins in the prehistoric period as evidenced by the slight traces of hut circles within it. The pound underwent reconstruction in the medieval period and was used in the drifts to hold cattle found illegally pasturing on the moors. It was from this usage that the Judge's Chair got its name. "It occupies 0.9ha on a slight S slope, and is of rather oval form with greatest diameters of 110m by 122m. It is enclosed by a drystone wall 1.9m high and about 1m thick at the base, tapering towards the top. The material is mostly medium size moor stones with some large blocks and upright slabs incorporated at the base. The uneven interior is slightly raised at the southern perimeter and cut into the slope on the north, accompanied by a spread of stones, 1.5m long and 0.3m high, extending from the inner face and up to 0.6m high. The only entrance to be seen is the gated one on the S." See also, Legendary Dartmoor: Dunnabridge Pound
Nearby sites: SX64627465

East Lowton Settlement

OS Map: SX 66600 83700
HER record: 107002
Megalithic Portal: 34966
Short Name: ST:EastLowton
Nearby sites: SX66608370

Eastern Tor Settlement

OS Map: SX 58500 66400
HER record: 4023
Megalithic Portal: 19399
Short Name: ST:EasternTor
Nearby sites: SX58506640

Erme Pound

Erme Pound

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Upper Erme Stone Row & Cairn Circle
OS Map: SX 63800 65800
HER record: 5110
Megalithic Portal: 14937
Short Name: PD Erme Pound
DPD: 71
Notes: See also MDV5109
Nearby sites: SX63806580

Fernworthy Settlement

OS Map: SX 64800 83700
HER record: 6731
Megalithic Portal: 10485
Short Name: ST:Fernworthy
Nearby sites: SX64808370

Foales Arrishes Settlement

OS Map: SX 73700 75800
HER record: 7415
Megalithic Portal: 4623
Short Name: ST:FoalesArris
Nearby sites: SX73707580

Grimspound Enclosed Settlement

Grimspound Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Grimspound Enclosed Settlement
OS Map: SX 70070 80840
HER record: 8778
Megalithic Portal: 1344141065
Short Name: ES Grimspound
DPD: 127
Notes: Probabaly the best known enclosed settlement on Dartmoor, within walking distance of Warren House Inn. "Prehistoric enclosed settlement with a substantial granite surrounding wall, containing 24 hut circles, as well as several 'pens' built into the enclosure wall, positioned in a valley between Hookney Tor and Hameldon. First planned by A. C. Shillibeer in 1829, this site was excavated by the Dartmoor Exploration Committee in 1894-5. Within the guardianship area managed by Dartmoor National Park Authority". Extensive notes in the NMR record, see also coverage on Wikipedia and Legendary Dartmoor.
Nearby sites: SX70078084

Gripper's Hill Enclosed Settlement

Gripper's Hill Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 68154 64863
HER record: 5742
Megalithic Portal: 45320
Short Name: ES Grippers
Notes: "A Bronze Age pastoral settlement on Gripper's Hill, Dean Prior, was excavated in July 1954 by Lady Aileen Fox on behalf of the Ministry of Works. The site comprises four enclosures containing ten or more huts."
Nearby sites: SX68156486

Harford Moor Settlement

Harford Moor Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Walk: The Neolithic tombs of Cuckoo Ball & Corringdon Ball
OS Map: SX 64450 59310
HER record: 2849
Megalithic Portal: 23440
Short Name: ST HarfordMoor
Notes: On the western side of Harford Moor reservoir.
Nearby sites: SX64455931

Hart Tor N. Settlement

OS Map: SX 58160 72430
HER record: 3791
Megalithic Portal: 36762
Short Name: ST:HartTorN
Nearby sites: SX58167243

High-house Waste Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 60500 62700
HER record: 4362
Megalithic Portal: 45579
Short Name: ES:HighHouse
DPD: 63
Notes: "Scattered settlement of at least 12 circular huts, some of them being very large. Possibly Romano-British as opposed to the Bronze Age/Iron Age settlements nearby. Later rectangular house on south edge of area". Lethbridge p.63-64 Hut Circle with largest door jambs (over 4 foot tall) on Dartmoor.
Nearby sites: SX60506270

Hingston Hill Enclosed Settlement

Hingston Hill Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 59118 69478
HER record: 3435
Megalithic Portal: 27901
Short Name: ES Down Tor
Butler map: 47.7
DPD: 29
Notes: "Hingston hill pound, east of down tor, is a circular enclosure whose wall consists of large stones. Entrance is marked by a slab like stone which extends through the thickness of a wall. About 100m from the pound in a direction 15 s of e lies the centre of a cairn, c.18m in diameter at the base. The down tor stone row points to this cairn (Worth)". Lethbridge pp.27-29, diagram p.27. Listed as Narrator Brookhead Enclosure on Megalithic Portal.

Nearby sites: SX59126948

Huccaby Rings Inner Enclosed Settlement

Huccaby Rings Inner Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 65820 73810
HER record: 6405
Megalithic Portal: 4616
Short Name: ES:HuccabyInn
Nearby sites: SX65827381

Huccaby Rings Outer Enclosed Settlement

Huccaby Rings Outer Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 65540 74440
HER record: 6397
Megalithic Portal: 4614
Short Name: ES:HuccabyOut
Nearby sites: SX65547444

Hurston Ridge Settlement

OS Map: SX 67400 82500
HER record: 6668
Megalithic Portal: 34979
Short Name: ST:HurstonRidg
Butler map: 25.9
Nearby sites: SX67408250

Kestor Enclosed Settlement

Kestor Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Round Pound and Kes Tor Settlements
OS Map: SX 66300 86800
HER record: 6114
Megalithic Portal: 4617
Short Name: ST Kestor
Notes: The Kestor Settlement includes the Round Pound.
Nearby sites: SX66308680

Kraps Ring Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 64400 78150
HER record: 5861
Megalithic Portal: 11477
Short Name: ES:KrapsRing
Nearby sites: SX64407815

Langstone Moor Settlement

Langstone Moor Settlement

OS Map: SX 55500 77900
HER record: 4219
Megalithic Portal: 17507
Short Name: ST Langstone
Butler map: 30.2
Notes: Details via Megalithic Portal.
Nearby sites: SX55507790

Legis Pound

Legis Pound

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Legis Tor Settlements
OS Map: SX 56930 65270
HER record: 3979
Megalithic Portal: 34065
Short Name: PD Legis Pound
DPD: 37
Notes: "A field system containing 13 hut circles occupies an area of 6ha on the lower S and SW flanks of Legis Tor. The field system is best preserved on the S where five irregular, adjoining enclosures contain all but one of the huts. These enclosures vary between 0.1ha and 0.6ha and lie in an area of often dense clitter. Several of the enclosures are further sub-divided."
Nearby sites: SX56936527

Lower Piles Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Walk: The Neolithic tombs of Cuckoo Ball & Corringdon Ball
OS Map: SX 64370 60480
HER record: 4354
Megalithic Portal: 45580
Short Name: ES:Lower Piles
Notes: "Within the newtake known as lower piles. A group of seven huts near the south east corner of the enclosed land. All now composed of fairly small stones the walls appearing as thick banks of stone and turf, not high, but spreading to a width of 1.8m or more. The diameters vary from c 9.20 to c 12.20m outside measurements. Only one hut has a well defined entrance, this is on the south east side of the circle."
Nearby sites: SX64376048

Lowton Brook W. Settlement

OS Map: SX 66300 83400
HER record: 104672
Megalithic Portal: 24262
Short Name: ST:LowtonBrW
Nearby sites: SX66308340

Merrivale Settlement

Merrivale Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Merrivale Ceremonial Complex [Photo Set 2]
OS Map: SX 55500 74900
HER record: 4897
Megalithic Portal: 1520
Short Name: ST Merrivale
DPD: 18
Notes: Merrivale Prehistoric Settlement is a partially enclosed stone hut circle settlement, including at least thirty six hut circles and four separate enclosures. Lethbridge pp.16-18, diagram p.16.
Nearby sites: SX55507490

Metherall Settlement

OS Map: SX 66800 84000
HER record: 6624
Megalithic Portal: 15138
Short Name: ST:Metherall
Barrow Report: 56
Nearby sites: SX66808400

Raddick Hill Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Walk: Sharpitor area Stone Rows and Cists
OS Map: SX 57650 71470
HER record: 3748
Megalithic Portal: 36404
Short Name: ES:RaddickHill
DPD: 26
Notes: "A Bronze Age enclosed hut circle settlement. The remains lie on a northerly hillslope and now comprise a D-shaped enclosure wall of boulders and stones containing about twelve hut circles. A small D-shaped enclosure is attached to the uphill south-east side. The northern part of the settlement has been effaced by a tinner's cliff, part of the Hart Tor Brook streamworks. This well preserved settlement now lies under low bilberry bushes."
Nearby sites: SX57657147

Ranny Brook (Yealm) Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 62320 63540
HER record: 43608
Megalithic Portal: 45574
Short Name: ES:Ranny Brook
Notes: An enclosure of earth and stone walling 0.5m wide by 0.4m high encompasses an oval area 18.0m by 16.0m. It lies on the South facing slope to the North of Ranny Brook. Scheduled: Devon 10853.
Nearby sites: SX62326354

Riders Rings Enclosed Settlement

Riders Rings Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 67870 64360
HER record: 5767
Megalithic Portal: 45321
Short Name: ES RidersRings
DPD: 85
Notes: "The largest and most important pound in the Avon Valley. Situated on the eastern slope of Zeal Plains. It is best regarded as being two contiguous pounds, of which it would appear that the south west member was constructed first, while the north east member was added as a later extension. The two pounds together cover an area of over six acres and enclose some three dozen hut-circles". Lethbridge p.85
Nearby sites: SX67876436

Roos Tor N.W. Settlement

OS Map: SX 53900 77200
HER record: 4104
Megalithic Portal: 17509
Short Name: ST:RoosTorNW
Notes: Details via Megalithic Portal.
Nearby sites: SX53907720

Routrundle North Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Walk: Sharpitor area Stone Rows and Cists
OS Map: SX 55380 71850
HER record: 105688
Megalithic Portal: 45577
Short Name: ES:Routrundl N
Notes: Routrundle North Pound: "Broadly oval enclosure, 58 by 48 metres diameter. Part of the south-west perimeter is represented by a stony scarp 0.5 metres high, elsewhere it comprises a stone spread of similar height upon which is a modern field wall."
Nearby sites: SX55387185

Routrundle south Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Walk: Sharpitor area Stone Rows and Cists
OS Map: SX 55250 71720
HER record: 3775
Megalithic Portal: 45578
Short Name: ES:Routrundl S
Notes: Routrundle South Pound: "A roughly oval field with diameters of 58.0 metres by 64.0 metres and a modern perimeter wall 1.5 metres high. There are no obvious footings of a previous wall but the plan and size (0.25 hectares) suggest that it is the fossilization of a prehistoric enclosure similar to that 250 metres to the north-east."
Nearby sites: SX55257172

Scad Brook Enclosed Settlement

Scad Brook Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 66679 59981
HER record: 2913
Megalithic Portal: 45573
Short Name: ES Scad Brook
DPD: 81
Notes: Sub-circular enclosure approximately 1.25 hectares in area containing eleven hut circles ranging from 3.5 metres to 10 metres in diameter, with entrances facing south-east and many of the walls standing up to a metre high. The most complete hut has been excavated and re-instated with walls faced with orthostats and an entrance with jambs. Lethbridge p.81
Nearby sites: SX66685998

Shadyback Tor Settlement

OS Map: SX 56600 65000
HER record: 56780
Megalithic Portal: 34063
Short Name: ST:Shadyback
Nearby sites: SX56606500

Shaugh Moor Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 55670 63430
HER record: 12778
Megalithic Portal: 17512
Short Name: ES:Shaugh Moor
Notes: Enclosure G; one of seven enclosures with associated hut circles in the area. It is a square enclosure with three associated hut circles and another few lying in close proximity. The enclosure walls remains reasonably intact. Other details: Butler Vol 3 Map 48, 3.
Nearby sites: SX55676343

Shavercombe Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 59360 66290
HER record: 3344
Megalithic Portal: 45576
Short Name: ES:Shavercombe
Notes: "Shavercombe pound is not circular. There is no hut circle within the pound. It is one of two main enclosures in a scheduled area which also includes three isolated hut circles. The fence or wall consisted of granite with large stones in the bottom courses. There are many long stones like broad gateposts laid lengthwise along both faces of the wall and filled between in the centre with small stones. The upper part was probably similarly faced with smaller blocks."
Nearby sites: SX59366629

Shovel Down Settlement

OS Map: SX 65800 85900
HER record: 6163
Megalithic Portal: 10386
Short Name: ST:ShovelDown
Butler map: 36.4
Nearby sites: SX65808590

Sittaford Tor Pound

OS Map: SX 64000 82870
HER record: 6754
Megalithic Portal: 23218
Short Name: PD:Sittaford
Notes: "An oval enclosure lying within Great Stannon Newtake. It is defined by a 4.5m wide and 1.2m high rubble bank surrounding an internal area measuring 53.5m east to west by 39m north to south. An 8.3 metre wide entrance gap on the eastern side by a stony mound. The considerable size of the bank combined with its proximity to a number of ritual monuments within Great Stannon Newtake strongly supports that this enclosure is much more likely to have been used for ritual than domestic purposes and it has consequently been identified as a henge."
Nearby sites: SX64008287

Smallacombe Rocks Settlement

OS Map: SX 75700 78200
HER record: 8055
Megalithic Portal: 31843
Short Name: ST:Smallacombe
Nearby sites: SX75707820

South-west of Penn Beacon Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 59753 62762
HER record: 2401
Short Name: ST:SWPennBeacon
Notes: Enclosure with hut circles on Cholwich Town contour reave.
Nearby sites: SX59756276

Stalldown Enclosed Settlement

Stalldown Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Stalldown Stone Row
OS Map: SX 63700 61200
HER record: 4351
Megalithic Portal: 45322
Short Name: ES Stalldown
Notes: "This settlement consists of 6 enclosures, mostly in poor condition, with 13 associated hut circles and 17 detached ones and extends over 5ha of a gentle to moderate, well drained, southeast facing slope at 270m above OD."
Nearby sites: SX63706120

Three Barrows W. Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 64460 62580
HER record: 4252
Megalithic Portal: 36352
Short Name: ES:3BarrowsW
Butler map: 54.20
Nearby sites: SX64466258

Trowlesworthy Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Trowlesworthy, Settlements, Stone Row & Cairn Circle
OS Map: SX 57450 64540
HER record: 2530
Megalithic Portal: 34064
Short Name: ES:Trowles N
Notes: "Two adjoining enclosures containing four hut circles and two other contemporary structures on the W flank of Lee Moor some 300m W of Little Trowelsworthy Tor. The enclosures measure 24m N to S by 34m and 63m N to S by 46m. Both are bounded by substantial stony banks up to 2.5m wide and 0.9m high."
Nearby sites: SX57456454

Trowlesworthy Warren Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Trowlesworthy, Settlements, Stone Row & Cairn Circle
OS Map: SX 57500 64450
HER record: 2507
Megalithic Portal: 34075
Short Name: ES:Trowles S
Notes: "A sub-circular enclosure about 150 paces in diameter situated on the western slope of Trowlesworthy Tor, the wall unbroken except for entrances on the north and south sides. Inside the southern entrance is a hut circle. The structures at the two entrances are vermin traps, these and the square chamber having been built by warreners"
Nearby sites: SX57506445

Tunhill Rocks Settlement

OS Map: SX 73200 75800
HER record: 7438
Megalithic Portal: 31984
Short Name: ST:TunhillRock
Nearby sites: SX73207580

Ugborough Parish Church Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 67750 55750
HER record: 28486
Megalithic Portal: 17582
Short Name: ES:UgboroughCh
Notes: Church built within Prehistoric Earthwork
Nearby sites: SX67755575

Walkhampton Enclosed Settlement

Walkhampton Enclosed Settlement

Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks: Dartmoor Site: Walkhampton and Yes Tor Bottom Settlements
OS Map: SX 56740 72860
HER record: 4964
Megalithic Portal: 45325
Short Name: ES Walkhampton
Notes: "Hut circles 550m s of foggintor quarries. A very fine settlement, set within a well built and substantial enclosure wall, enclosing an area of some 1.0ha. Five hut circles occur within the enclosure varying between 6-10m in diam ... Outside the enclosure to the w are five further huts of similar dimensions - again one of these shows sign of alteration. Under moorland grass." The site was excavated in 1897 by Burnard and Baring-Gould.
Nearby sites: SX56747286

White Hill Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 62800 90600
HER record: 6887
Megalithic Portal: 36009
Short Name: ST:WhiteHill
Nearby sites: SX62809060

Whittenknowles Rocks Enclosed Settlement

Whittenknowles Rocks Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 58550 67050
HER record: 3995
Megalithic Portal: 19400
Short Name: ES Whittenknow
Nearby sites: SX58556705

Wistman's wood Settlement

OS Map: SX 61250 77500
HER record: 66036
Megalithic Portal: 42854
Short Name: ST:Wistmans
Nearby sites: SX61257750

Yealm Steps Enclosed Settlement

Yealm Steps Enclosed Settlement

OS Map: SX 62000 63550
HER record: 4273
Megalithic Portal: 45575
Short Name: ES Yealm Steps
Notes: "A fine example of enclosure and hut circles. Extensive prehistoric settlement area. Two villages contiguous, the larger pound a development of the smaller. Pound walls and those of huts consist of stone and turf. At least 22 huts within the enclosure. To the north and south of the pounds are scatters of isolated huts generally much larger than the enclosed huts. On the south there are remains of fields or paddocks. Rough moorland."
Nearby sites: SX62006355

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