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Dartmoor Resource: Table of Dartmoor Settlements

Table of Dartmoor Settlements

Yealm Steps Enclosed Settlement

Photo: Yealm Steps Enclosed Settlement

The table below lists over 60 prehistoric setttlements in the Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks database. The major surving settlements are covered here but there are very many which are not yet included in the listings. In total there are hundreds of settlements and thousands of hut circles on Dartmoor and it is not intended fthat this website will currently cover them all. For a more detailed discussion and a listing including photos and notes see the main page on settlements. Click on the table headers to get listings ordered by Site Name, Short Name or OS number and so on. Clicking on the Site Name will open a site page with a large photo where one is available. Clicking on OS links will list nearby sites and clicking on the NMR or HER number or Megalithic Portal link will open the relevant record in a new window. Please note that this listing started with the work of Paul Petit but has been expanded, with permission, to include sites listed on the megalithic Portal, so thanks are due to the contributors at the Megalithic Portal.

Site NameShort NameOSDPDHERMegalithic Portal
Chambered TombCN Haytor Ch1SX7577764161778 n/a
Archerton SettlementST:ArchertonSX64107880593142727
Bellever SettlementST:BelleverSX64607670591923723
Bellever Tor N. Enclosed SettlementES BelleverTorSX645076802767224263
Berry PoundPD:BerrySX713380358754 n/a
Blatchford Brook Foot Enclosed SettlementES:BlatchfordSX635063802789414935
Broadun Enclosed SettlementES:BroadunSX63547993594626043
Broadun Ring Enclosed SettlementES BroadunRingSX63738021674626048
Brockhill SettlementST:BrockhillSX67706570523342627
Brown Heath Enclosed SettlementES Brown HeathSX6408653974513514936
Bush Down SettlementST:BushDownSX6849821765967699
Butterdon Hill Chambered TombNT ButterdonSX66015857288631698
Buttern Hill Enclosed SettlementES:ButternHillSX65508900614025242
Cator PoundPD Cator PoundSX67307765600934961
Cholwichtown Contour Reave Enclosed SettlementST:CholwichSX593863442435 n/a
Corringdon Ball Chambered TombNT CorringdonSX669661308357504619
Cox Tor N.E. SettlementST:CoxTorNESX53607650410517508
Cuckoo Ball Chambered TombNT Cuckoo BallSX6596582080288531700
Dean Moor Enclosed SettlementES Dean MoorSX677665451479945324
Dewerstone Hill Enclosed SettlementES:DewerstoneSX538363936361729453
Drizzlecombe Enclosed SettlementES DrizzleSX5934671439404610509
Dry Lake North Enclosed SettlementES:DryLakeNSX63906360429414934
Dunnabridge PoundPD DunnabridgeSX64627465627210635
East Lowton SettlementST:EastLowtonSX6660837010700234966
Eastern Tor SettlementST:EasternTorSX58506640402319399
Erme PoundPD Erme PoundSX6380658071511014937
Fernworthy SettlementST:FernworthySX64808370673110485
Foales Arrishes SettlementST:FoalesArrisSX7370758074154623
Gidleigh - North Chambered TombNT Gidleigh NSX65878896621245581
Gidleigh - South Chambered TombNT Gidleigh SSX65678855147621310040
Grimspound Enclosed SettlementES GrimspoundSX7007808412787781344141065
Gripper's Hill Enclosed SettlementES GrippersSX68156486574245320
Harford Moor SettlementST HarfordMoorSX64455931284923440
Hart Tor N. SettlementST:HartTorNSX58167243379136762
High-house Waste Enclosed SettlementES:HighHouseSX6050627063436245579
Hingston Hill Enclosed SettlementES Down TorSX5912694829343527901
Huccaby Rings Inner Enclosed SettlementES:HuccabyInnSX6582738164054616
Huccaby Rings Outer Enclosed SettlementES:HuccabyOutSX6554744463974614
Hurston Ridge SettlementST:HurstonRidgSX67408250666834979
Kestor Enclosed SettlementST KestorSX6630868061144617
Kraps Ring Enclosed SettlementES:KrapsRingSX64407815586111477
Langstone Moor SettlementST LangstoneSX55507790421917507
Legis PoundPD Legis PoundSX5693652737397934065
Lower Piles Enclosed SettlementES:Lower PilesSX64376048435445580
Lowton Brook W. SettlementST:LowtonBrWSX6630834010467224262
Merrivale SettlementST MerrivaleSX555074901848971520
Metherall SettlementST:MetherallSX66808400662415138
Raddick Hill Enclosed SettlementES:RaddickHillSX5765714726374836404
Ranny Brook (Yealm) Enclosed SettlementES:Ranny BrookSX623263544360845574
Riders Rings Enclosed SettlementES RidersRingsSX6787643685576745321
Roos Tor N.W. SettlementST:RoosTorNWSX53907720410417509
Routrundle North Enclosed SettlementES:Routrundl NSX5538718510568845577
Routrundle south Enclosed SettlementES:Routrundl SSX55257172377545578
Scad Brook Enclosed SettlementES Scad BrookSX6668599881291345573
Shadyback Tor SettlementST:ShadybackSX566065005678034063
Shaugh Moor Enclosed SettlementES:Shaugh MoorSX556763431277817512
Shavercombe Enclosed SettlementES:ShavercombeSX59366629334445576
Shovel Down SettlementST:ShovelDownSX65808590616310386
Sittaford Tor PoundPD:SittafordSX64008287675423218
Smallacombe Rocks SettlementST:SmallacombeSX75707820805531843
South-west of Penn Beacon Enclosed SettlementST:SWPennBeaconSX597562762401 n/a
Spinsters Rock Chambered TombNT SpinstersSX701090791508440149
Stalldown Enclosed SettlementES StalldownSX63706120435145322
Three Barrows W. Enclosed SettlementES:3BarrowsWSX64466258425236352
Trowlesworthy Enclosed SettlementES:Trowles NSX57456454253034064
Trowlesworthy Warren Enclosed SettlementES:Trowles SSX57506445250734075
Tunhill Rocks SettlementST:TunhillRockSX73207580743831984
Ugborough Parish Church Enclosed SettlementES:UgboroughChSX677555752848617582
Walkhampton Enclosed SettlementES WalkhamptonSX56747286496445325
White Hill Enclosed SettlementST:WhiteHillSX62809060688736009
Whittenknowles Rocks Enclosed SettlementES WhittenknowSX58556705399519400
Wistman's wood SettlementST:WistmansSX612577506603642854
Yealm Steps Enclosed SettlementES Yealm StepsSX62006355427345575

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