Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks, walking the Stone Rows and Stone Circles of Dartmoor
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Dartmoor Resource: Table of Dartmoor Iron Age Forts

Table of Dartmoor Iron Age Forts

White Tor a Neolithic enclosure reused as an Iron Age fort

Photo: White Tor a Neolithic enclosure reused as an Iron Age fort

The table below lists the Iron Age Forts in the Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks database. For a table of iron age forts across all of Devon, see: Devon Forts

The major sites are covered here along with most minor sites. Click on the table headers to get listings ordered by Site Name, Short Name or OS number and so on. Clicking on the Site Name will open a site page with a large photo where one is available. Clicking on OS links will list nearby sites and clicking on the HER number or Megalithic Portal link will open the relevant record in a new window.

FortID Fox Site Name OS Text HER ScheduledID MP Wikipedia Access Visit Access Details Further Reading
50Brent HillSX 70394 61725MDV795710026627753Brent Hill11There is access land on Brent Hill near the fort.legendarydartmoor
254Brent TorSX 47100 80400MDV1669100319928169Brent Tor11DNP? legendarydartmoor
712Cranbrook Castle SX 73858 89023MDV822110038604624Cranbrook Castle11Private/Footpathlegendary dartmoor
51Dewerstone FortSX 53872 64000MDV2381102024129453Dewerstone11DNPLegendary Dartmoor
1116East HillSX 60400 94160MDV688010038734707311Private/Footpath n/a
3221Hembury Castle (Buckfast)SX 72608 68455MDV7776100385934692Hembury Castle (Buckfast)10National TrustNational Trust
52Holne Chase Castle FortSX 72437 71979MDV79961003842 n/a Holne Chase Castle01Private. Permission maybe granted on request. n/a
3424Hunters TorSX 76158 82443MDV882410038277759Hunters Tor11Common Landholidayindartmoor
53Knowle Wood FortSX 53356 64126MDV125834 n/a n/a 11Forestry Commision. Not far from cycle route to Clearwater. n/a
54Nattadon FortSX 70510 86638MDV8261 n/a 4357811DNP/Common Land. n/a
5534Prestonbury Castle FortSX 74683 90025MDV8439100386129170Prestonbury Castle11Private/Footpathholidayindartmoor
56Roborough Down FortSX 50557 64141MDV2366 n/a 2881211DNP n/a
88South Longridge WoodSX 49705 83870MDV16661018518 n/a 11DNP. Nr Lydford Gorge n/a
92The TrendleSX 49067 75341MDV38291002598 n/a 01Private. Tavistock on side of road.moortoseaanddo
57White Tor FortSX 54246 78678MDV410110045841750611DNPlegendarydartmoor
4948Wooston Castle FortSX 76486 89673MDV829210038227767Wooston Castle11Private/Footpathholidayindartmoor
84Yellowberries CopseSX 69217 58614MDV29251019325 n/a Yellowberries Copse01Private. Near road South Brent n/a

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