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Dartmoor Resource: Discover Prehistoric Dartmoor

Discover Prehistoric Dartmoor by William Lethbridge

Discover Prehistoric Dartmoor Book by Lethbridge

Discover Prehistoric Dartmoor is a magnificent tour of Dartmoor including photos of just about all of the visible prehistoric cists and stone rows. This book is a gazetteer of the prehistoric sites on Dartmoor and in total over 300 are featured which is an outstanding achievement. Click here to jump to table of the DPD sites

Lethbridge clearly started taking photos of the sites back in the 1980s if not before. The photos of the multiple stone rows and circles at Corringdon Ball are fascinating as they date back to a time when grazing was far more widespread on Dartmoor and there was less vegetation cover. In the last decade very little can be seen of the small stones that make up this site. It has improved a bit with recent work to clear vegetation. Lethbridge mentions a few times this change in vegetation cover referring to photos taken before the last big Foot and Mouth outbreak.

The layout of the book follows the river catchments around Dartmoor. Typically there will be a diagram of a small area populated with the rows and cists that then appear on the following pages. Combined with an OS map it should be possible to plan walks to look at these sites. The presence of such comprehensive photos means it should be easier to recognise the sites. Some of the prehistoric sites on Dartmoor are small, often hidden amongst lots of vegetation and rock clitter so having a good idea of what a site looks like helps enormously when trying to find it!

Lethbridge has not only documented sites he has also discovered a few too. In 1992 he discovered the stone row on Shell Top. In 2004 he also discovered the two cists on Giant's Hill. In the this book a few other possible discoveries are included (see additional notes below). There are a couple of weaknesses with this book. The first is a minor irritation and that is the insistence on using imperial measurements. The second and more important problem is the lack of OS grid references and the poor indexing and lack of cross-referencing with the existing literature. However, hopefully that problem is fixed with the table below - which should make it much easier to combine the information in both to plan walks. Lethbridge is to be congratulated on producing such a lovely guide to the prehistoric sites on Dartmoor.

Guide to using the Table

The table below gives the page numbers where primary coverage of any site is to be found in the Discover Prehistoric Dartmoor book. So if you are looking at page 112 and want more information on the cist at the bottom of the page you can look it up and see it is listed as the Chittaford Down Platform Cairn Circle and Cist. Clicking on the name in the table will open up a site page displaying a photo, if one is available, and a short description. It can be seen that this site was excavated in 1900 and "an archer's polished stone wrist guard was found". The OS grid reference is available from the site page or from the table and clicking on it will give a list of sites within 2 km which will include their location on the OS map. The clicking on the + or - signs on the map will allow zooming in and out and the diagram in the book can be compared with the map. Directly below the map is a drop down to change the range of the listing. It could, for example, be upped to 5km or reduced down to 250m. Also in the table are links to entries in the NMR and HER which will include further information about the site. The site page will also link to the entry on Bill Radcliffe's Prehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor website which gives a very useful bibliography. In this case it is clear that there was coverage in the Transactions of the Devonshire Association see Seventh Report of the Dartmoor Exploration Committee, T.D.A. Vol. 33 pp.130-138 (1901). The hyperlink just given here was found by looking at the listings for Articles and Books on the Resources page which includes most of the articles in the Transactions from that time.

Conversely, by ordering the table by Site Name and Type it is really quick and easy to look up any site in the book. The index in the book is unhelpfully ordered by river catchment. If you are looking for coverage of the Stennen Hill cist the index in the book would require you to associate it with the River Dart and then search all the "cairn and cist" entries! For those planning to delve into those areas such as around Langcombe Brook where there are numerous cists then the photos in the book should be really helpful in terms of knowing what it is you are looking for. It will probably take years for this website to have such full photographic coverage of sites! The DPD field is also included in the Table of Stone Rows and the Table of Cists and all other database driven listings.

Additional Notes

The notes that follow were made whilst compiling the table below. Typically the notes have been made because it is a reference to something that has stood out for this author to investigate further, typically because it is unknown and doesn't appear in the database. There are around 50 alledged sites for cists that could be added to the database that are listed on Bill Radcliffe's Prehistoric Monuments of Darmoor website. Most of these are of sites that are either dubious or no longer visible or so fragmentary that it does not seem worth including. A small number of entries have now been added to the database to allow cross-referencing with this book. A few more entries might get added in the future!

Table of Discover Prehistoric Dartmoor

The table below lists the sites that appear in the book Discover Prehistoric Dartmoor (DPD) matched to the entries in the Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks database. Click on the table headers to get listings ordered by DPD page number, Site Name, Short Name or OS number. The listings default to list by DPD page number. Clicking on the site name will open a site page with a large photo where one is available. Clicking on OS links will list nearby sites and clicking on the NMR or HER number will open the relevant record in a new window.

DPDSiteIDSite Name and TypeShort NameOSHER
10317Doe Tor CistCT Doe TorSX543884853251
11426White Hill CistCT WhiteHillSX537284203216
12427Nattor Down 5 CistCT:Nattor 5SX540982863223
1313Langstone Moor Standing StoneSS LangstoneSX550278744225
1386White Tor FortFT White TorSX542378674101
1394White Tor (Whittor) Neolithic EnclosureNE White TorSX542378674101
13365Langstone Moor CistCT LangstoneSX547078704118
14260Langstone Moor Stone CircleSC LangstoneSX556478204226
14130Langstone Moor Stone RowSR LangstoneSX550278854223
15341Vixen Tor CistCT:Vixen TorSX542474393596
15428Barn Hill CistCT:Barn HillSX5332745514685
1692Merrivale Ceremonial ComplexCX MerrivaleSX5545747914795
16127Merrivale A Stone RowSR MerrivaleASX5554748114797
16128Merrivale B Stone RowSR MerrivaleBSX5557747914795
17264Merrivale Stone CircleSC MerrivaleSX553674644998
1716Merrivale Standing StoneSS MerrivaleSX5536746053395
1733Merrivale Recumbent Slab Standing StoneSS-Merrivale2SX5537746053396
17129Merrivale C Stone RowSR MerrivaleCSX553974765001
17175Merrivale (Menhir 1) Stone RowSR Mer MenhirSX5536745953397
17442Merrivale double row B (centre) Encircled Cairn and CistCT MerrivaleBSX5544747814796
1879Merrivale SettlementST MerrivaleSX555074904897
18398Merrivale CistCT MerrivaleSX554974773738
18418Yellowmeade Farm CistCT Yellowm Fm1SX563574475002
19370Ingra Tor CistCT Ingra TorSX558772094983
20571Sharpitor W. (Peek Hill) Cairn CircleCC Sharpitor WSX550670755011
20167Sharpitor W. (Peek Hill) Stone RowSR Sharpitor WSX5506707512831
21124Sharpitor N.W. 1 Stone RowSR Sharp NW1SX556770623762
21125Sharpitor N.W. 2 Stone RowSR:Sharp NW2SX556970603761
21126Sharpitor E. Stone RowSR Sharpitor ESX561770824991
22403Sharpitor (N) or Peek Hill Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Peek HillSX558470693769
23361Leather Tor Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:Leather TorSX563369523434
23176Leeden Tor Stone RowSR Leeden TorSX5652714750223
24121Black Tor (Stanlake) Stone RowSR StanlakeSX569971384994
25122Hart Tor North Stone RowSR Hart Tor NSX577171714896
25123Hart Tor South Stone RowSR Hart Tor SSX577271704895
25212Hart Tor North Encircled CairnEC Hart Tor NSX5772717249460
2651Raddick Hill Enclosed SettlementES:RaddickHillSX576571473748
26417Raddick Hill CistCT RaddickHillSX579371164947
27407Down Tor N.E. (Western) CistCT DownTorNE WSX583969573497
27408Down Tor N.E. (Northern) CistCT DownTorNE NSX583969573498
27409Down Tor N.E. (Eastern) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT DownTorNE ESX584069563499
28120Hingston Hill (Down Tor) Stone RowSR Down TorSX587069273502
28393Down Tor CistCT Down TorSX580469293423
28206Hingston Hill (Down Tor) Encircled CairnEC Down TorSX586969273439
296Hingston Hill (Down Tor) Standing StoneSS Down TorSX587069283502
2964Hingston Hill Enclosed SettlementES Down TorSX591269483435
30345Leeden CistCT LeedenSX587067853341
30354Outholme Newtake CistCT OutholmeNewSX579968284024
31280Yellowmead Fourfold Cairn CircleCC FourfoldSX574967853338
31166Yellowmead Stone RowSR YellowmeadSX5748678480769
31221Yellowmead Down Encircled CairnEC Yellowmead1SX575467864025
32302Gutter Tor S. CistCT GutterTor SSX576066823991
33301Wigford Down Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:WigfordDownSX544264432373
33386Gutter Tor N. Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT GutterTor NSX576867144015
34600Brisworthy Cup StoneCS:BrisworthySX5598651618859
34116Ringmoor Down Stone RowSR RingmoorSX563365813986
35258Brisworthy Stone CircleSC BrisworthySX564765503983
35205Ringmoor Down Encircled CairnEC Ringmoor SSX563365813987
36279Ringmoor Down Cairn CircleCC Ringmoor 3SX561665954029
36327Legis Lake Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Legis LakeSX566065764030
3752Legis PoundPD Legis PoundSX569365273979
37310Legis Tor, West Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Legis Tor WSX573965483365
37604Legis Tor OssuaryOS LegisTorSX57576547 n/a
3893Drizzlecombe Ceremonial ComplexCX DrizzleSX592067003376
38349Legis Tor, East Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Legis Tor ESX574765543424
398Drizzlecombe N.E. Standing StoneSS Drizzle NESX592267013377
3965Drizzlecombe Enclosed SettlementES DrizzleSX593467144046
39119Drizzlecombe N.E. Stone RowSR Drizzle NESX5926670514776
39207Drizzlecombe E. Encircled CairnEC Drizzle ESX592767074047
407Drizzlecombe S. Standing StoneSS Drizzle SSX5906668714778
409Drizzlecombe N.W. Standing StoneSS Drizzle NWSX59136699 n/a
4043Giant's Basin CairnCN GiantsBasinSX592066953372
40117Drizzlecombe S. Stone RowSR Drizzle SSX5916669514777
40118Drizzlecombe N.W. Stone RowSR Drizzle NWSX592467073376
41304Drizzlecombe, South CistCT Drizzle SSX590366733340
41305Drizzlecombe, North CistCT Drizzle NSX591667223339
41321Drizzlecombe CistCT DrizzleSX592367483363
42313Great Gnat's Head CistCT GreatGnats1SX611768035091
43309Calveslake CistCT CalveslakSX608767555085
43357Deadman's Bottom F Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Deadmans FSX612066985125
44306Plym Steps Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Plym StepsSX604367115133
44308Deadman's Bottom, North CistCT Deadmans NSX607866905120
45307Deadman's Bottom, South Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Deadmans SSX607966895119
45355Deadman's Bottom D Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT:Deadmans DSX609666735086
45356Deadman's Bottom E CistCT Deadmans ESX609866715122
46314Grim's Grave Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Grims GraveSX612566425083
46347Grim's Grave (S) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT GrimsGraveSSX612566315126
46410Langcombe Brook 5 CistCT:Langcombe 5SX608866425129
47353Langcombe (S) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Langcombe SSX608766165128
47405Langcombe Brook 7 CistCT Langcombe 7SX603866925134
48455Giant's Hill E CistCT GiantsHillESX5959667270333
48456Giant's Hill W CistCT GiantsHillWSX5944667555396
49351Hentor B CistCT Hen Tor N3SX595765813490
49352Hentor (Shavercombe C) Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Hen Tor N6SX596165893503
50311Hentor (Shavercombe) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Hen Tor N2SX593765803479
50312Hentor Warren (Shavercombe) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Hen Tor N4SX596365783492
50350Hentor A CistCT:Hen Tor N5SX597165693511
51431Hentor CistCT Hen Tor N1SX5925657255317
52303Lee Moor (Willings Walls) CistCT Lee MoorSX582865344022
523059 Reported CistCT?Hentor Br3SX58486557-1
53348Willings Walls Warren Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Willings 2SX582865244021
54389Lee Moor (Upper Spanish Lake) CistCT SpanishLakeSX585564452495
55267Shaugh Moor (S) Cairn CircleCC:ShaughMoorSSX5542634349564
55113Shaugh Moor Stone RowSR:ShaughMoorSX554263442434
55412Trowlesworthy Warren Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT TrowlesSX5715647628570
56603Hawk's Tor Rock ShelterRS:HawksTorSX553562512504
57111Collard Tor W. Stone RowSR:CollardTo WSX558362052583
57112Collard Tor E. Stone RowSR:CollardTo ESX5585620414792
57114Trowlesworthy E. Stone RowSR Trowles ESX576563972421
57217Collard Tor Encircled CairnEC:Collard TorSX5584620314793
58275Trowlesworthy Warren (E) Cairn CircleCC Trowles ESX5765639849511
58115Trowlesworthy W. Stone RowSR Trowles WSX575463982415
5919Hanging Stone Standing StoneSS HangingSX583763692423
59580Shell Top Chambered CairnCN ToryBrook3SX586963522411
60172Shell Top S.W. Stone RowSR:ShellTop SWSX5947631448897
61109Penn Beacon S.W. Stone RowSR PennBeac SWSX595262472399
61461Penn Beacon 1 Cairn Circle & CistCT Penn Beac2SX5953624812909
62108Penn Beacon S. Stone RowSR Penn Beac SSX599562552400
6370High-house Waste Enclosed SettlementES:HighHouseSX605062704362
64343Dendles Waste Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Dendles 1SX615462804276
65384Ranny Brook (North of) CistCT Ranny Brk NSX621563554272
66383Harrowthorn (North of) CistCT HarrowthornSX624562654269
66390Ranny Brook CistCT Ranny BrookSX626263544270
67107Stalldown Stone RowSR StalldownSX632262564277
67433Stalldown (W) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Stalldown WSX6283623313234
6888Stalldown Cairn CircleCC StalldownSX632462424300
69339Stalldown (N) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Stalldown NSX632763244296
6997Hillson's House CairnCN Hillson HseSX636762294302
7027Burford Down Standing StoneSS BurfordDownSX637060694333
70342Burford Down (Tristis Rock) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT TristisRockSX637860164258
70103Burford Down Stone RowSR Burford DnSX637060174333
70210Burford Down Encircled CairnEC BurfordDownSX637060184257
71266Erme Cairn CircleCC The DancersSX635264444310
7175Erme PoundPD Erme PoundSX638065805110
71101Stall Moor (Upper Erme) Stone RowSR Stall MoorSX636667804309
72583Green Hill CairnCN GreenHillSX636767805106
73402Redlake Foot (Brown Heath) CistCT Brown HeathSX637866075102
73404Knackersmill Gulf N. CistCT StingersSX6339655913185
7462Brown Heath Enclosed SettlementES Brown HeathSX640865395135
74340Brown Heath (Hook Lake) Encircled Cairn and CistCT Hook LakeSX641165335137
74104Brown Heath (Hook Lake) Stone RowSR Hook LakeSX641165325136
74170Piles Hill Stone RowSR Piles HillSX650261115662
76338Lower Piles Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Lower PilesSX645460264256
7717Piles Hill Standing StoneSS Piles HillSX654360755653
77102Butterdon Hill Stone RowSR ButterdonSX656358812988
78105Spurrell's Cross Stone RowSR Spurrells XSX658559862890
78106Glasscombe Ball N. Stone RowSR GlassBall NSX657360435659
78177Butter Brook S Stone RowSR Butter Br SSX6510599013166
78178Butter Brook N Stone RowSR:Butter Br NSX6520599013166
78208Butterdon Hill Encircled CairnEC ButterdonSX656358822897
792Beacon Plain A Standing StoneSS BeaconPlainSX658459192888
7931Beacon Plain B Standing StoneSS Beacon Pl2SX658959212883
79388Butterdon Hill CistCT ButterdonSX657859342887
80329Cuckoo Ball Chambered TombNT Cuckoo BallSX659658202885
80162Cantrell Stone RowSR CantrellSX656957142889
8154Scad Brook Enclosed SettlementES Scad BrookSX666859982913
81406Lower Glasscombe CistCT Lower GlassSX665160505652
81161Glasscombe Corner Stone RowSR GlasscombeSX660060755661
82577Corringdon Ball Multiple Cairn CircleCC CorringdonSX6667612215960
82157Corringdon Ball N. Stone RowSR CorringdonNSX666661215656
82158Corringdon Ball S. Stone RowSR CorringdonSSX666861215655
82214East Glazebrook Encircled CairnEC East GlazeSX6668612215961
83326Corringdon Ball Chambered TombNT CorringdonSX669661305750
83160Brent Fore Hill Stone RowSR Brent ForeSX668561355765
84452Hickley Ridge W CistCT:HickleyWSX6659620313283
84453Hickley Ridge Central CistCT HickleyCeSX6722622561772
84454Hickley Ridge E CistCT HickleyESX6740623861773
8555Riders Rings Enclosed SettlementES RidersRingsSX678764365767
85156Black Tor (Avon) Stone RowSR Black TorSX6773634928589
8641Eastern White Barrow (The Submarine) CairnCN:E White BarSX665565175184
86582Western White Barrow CairnCN:W White BarSX653665495193
87269Buckland Ford Cairn CircleCC:Buckland FdSX657466045187
8740Huntingdon Barrow CairnCN:HuntingdonSX662266915235
8810Harbourne Head Standing StoneSS HarbourneSX696865115197
88401Brockhill Ford Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT BrockhillSX678165705234
89558Pupers Rock Stone Ring Cairn Circle RC:Pupers RockSX672867385219
89560Inner Pupers Stone Ring Cairn Circle RC:InnerPupersSX6757674213205
90535Horns Cross Stone Ring Cairn Circle RC:HolneRidg 6SX669271136475
90173Holne Moor Stone RowSR Holne MoorSX6743710412983
90185Holne Ridge Stone RowSR Holne RidgeSX6674710861453
90444Aller Brook E CistCT Aller Brk ESX6781716820166
912612Holne Ridge N. (nr Stone Row) CistCTxHolneRidgSRSX66737109-1
91445Holne Ridge N. CistCT HolneRidg 3SX6664711412997
92259Down Ridge Stone CircleSC DownRidgeSX655272086400
92318Skir Hill (Hensroost) Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Skir HillSX651070696507
93319Fox Tor Newtake, North CistCT FoxTorNew NSX628671186303
94320Fox Tor Newtake, South CistCT FoxTorNew SSX628670966279
94394Childe's Tomb Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT ChildesTombSX6258703048907
95385Goldsmith's Cross E.3. CistCT:GoldsmithE3SX617470206343
95413Goldsmith's Cross E.2. Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT GoldsmithE2SX618070326342
97344Goldsmith's Cross S. CistCT Goldsmith SSX616869875081
97435Foxtor Mires W. Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT FoxtorMireWSX6078704812967
98322Royal Hill, South Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT RoyalHill 3SX620272096309
98323Royal Hill, Central Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT RoyalHill 4SX620872336304
98324Royal Hill, North Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT RoyalHill 5SX621172436305
99328Joan Ford's Newtake Embanked Cairn Circle and CistCT Joan FordsSX631472176260
99446Swincombe Ford Newtake 1 CistCT Swincombe 1SX6333729954431
100187Sherberton Stone RowSR:SherbertonSX639473196426
101325Crock of Gold Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT CrockofGoldSX612973086308
101255Sherberton Stone CircleSC SherbertonSX639573196290
102330Blakey Tor (E) CistCT BlakeyTor ESX613173566245
102443Royal Hill Summit CistCT RoyalHill 7SX6130727918391
103331Blackabrook, South CistCT Blackabrk SSX605273866254
103411Blakey Tor (W) CistCT BlakeyTor WSX612473556244
104332Blackabrook, West CistCT Blackabrk WSX605273876253
104333Blackabrook, East CistCT Blackabrk ESX605373876252
105335Roundhill, East of Summit CistCT Roundhill 2SX611674416257
105336Roundhill, Near Summit CistCT Roundhill 1SX610574436217
106334Roundhill SW (N) CistCT RoundhillS2SX609274166248
106458Roundhill SW (S) CistCT RoundhillS3SX609174146249
107601Holmingbeam Cup StoneCS HolmingbeamSX5949752312807
107155Conies Down Stone RowSR ConiesDownSX585979084592
1083Beardown Man Standing StoneSS BeardownManSX596279634200
108459Maiden Hill CistCT:MaidenHillSX588379384216
109415Crow Tor Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Crow TorSX605378685938
109425Beardown Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT BeardownSX6033780914690
110171Higher White Tor Stone RowSR:HigherWhitoSX619278365834
110460Crockern Tor CistCT CrockernTorSX6141760657569
111376Stennen Hill No. 1 Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Stennen 1SX625777915846
111377Stennen Hill No. 3 CistCT:Stennen 2SX626277845847
112373Chittaford Down Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT ChittafordSX636979465932
112375Archerton S.W. (Rowtor Brook) Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT ArchertonSWSX627578815838
113315Roundy Park, Postbridge CistCT Roundy ParkSX639279675935
114292Lakehead Hill Platform Cairn CirclePC Lakehead 1SX643677775869
114374Archerton Tennis Ground Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Arch TennisSX638578875839
115366Lakehead Hill 2 CistCT Lakehead 2SX642677705841
115152Lakehead Hill Summit Stone RowSR LakeheadSumSX643777665930
116368Lakehead Hill 4 (E or Summit) Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Lakehead 4SX645077615870
116151Lakehead Hill 4 (E of Summit) Stone RowSR Lakehead 4ESX645077605870
117274Lakehead Hill Cairn CircleCC Lakehead 5SX6435774952762
117364Lakehead Hill 6 (Newtake) Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Lakehead 6SX643677485842
118337Lakehead Hill 8 CistCT Lakehead 8SX647277185879
118363Lakehead Hill 7 (Newtake) CistCT LakeNew 7SX647277405875
118179Lakehead Hill S.E. Stone RowSR Lakehead SESX647077415875
119550Black Newtake (b) Stone Ring Cairn Circle RC:BlackNew bSX638676045889
119362Bellever Tor 1 (W) (Newtake) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Bellever 1SX640976475884
119378Black Newtake (N) No. 1 Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT BlackNew N1SX639276075888
120379Black Newtake (C) No. 3 Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT BlackNew C3SX638975875890
120381Dunnabridge Common Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT DunnabridgeSX635975475952
121387Dunnabridge Pound Farm Newtake CistCT DunPound FmSX640975695891
12214Laughtor Man Standing StoneSS LaughtorSX652275396001
122369Yar Tor (Money Pit) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Money PitSX681873876460
122149Yar Tor Stone RowSR Yar TorSX681873866459
122150Laughter Tor E. Stone RowSR Laugh Tor ESX6522753953417
122182Laughter Tor W. Stone RowSR:Laugh Tor WSX652175396002
124316Soussons Common Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT Soussons CmSX675278706013
124372Stannon Little Newtake Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT:Stannon NewSX654681076616
125145White Ridge Stone RowSR White RidgeSX654281666642
125434Sittaford Tor Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT:SittafordSX6348826421894
12629Challacombe Down Standing StoneSS ChallacombeSX690280726600
126146Challacombe Down Stone RowSR ChallacombeSX690280726600
12750Grimspound Enclosed SettlementES GrimspoundSX700780848778
128645Shapley Common Round HouseHC:ShapleyCommSX694282066553
128400Grimslake Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT GrimslakeSX704281178744
129359Blackslade Down CistCT BlacksladeSX734275527437
129360Hameldon CistCT HameldonSX710178357519
13039Cut Hill CairnCN Cut HillSX5982827569603
130188Cut Hill Stone RowSR Cut HillSX5987827669604
131432Whitehorse Hill CistCT WhitehorseSX6174854866367
133262Stonetor Hill Cairn CircleCC:Stonetor 1SX6525854749461
133450Stonetor Brookhead E. CistCT:Stonetor E2SX6527856313023
133503Stonetor Hill Stone Ring Cairn Circle RC:Stonetor 3SX6520853648856
134248Grey Wethers (N) Stone CircleSC Grey Weth NSX638883166758
134252Grey Wethers (S) Stone CircleSC Grey Weth SSX638783126759
1351Assycombe Standing StoneSS AssycombeSX661082656537
135143Assycombe Stone RowSR AssycombeSX661082646537
135457Assycombe Hill Encircled Cairn and CistCT AssycombeSX661082656538
13612Hurston Ridge Standing StoneSS HurstonRidgSX672782446541
136144Hurston Ridge Stone RowSR HurstonSX672682446541
137371Thornworthy CistCT ThornworthySX667584356613
1374288Thornworthy 2 CistCT Thornworth2SX590273556613
138263Fernworthy Stone CircleSC FernworthSX654984136534
138100Fernworthy Ceremonial ComplexCX FernwthySX654884126534
138140Fernworthy S.W. Stone RowSR Fernwthy SWSX6548841114886
138141Fernworthy N. Stone RowSR Fernwthy NSX655484346562
138397Fernworthy CistCT FernworthSX654984106719
138142Fernworthy S.E. Stone RowSR Fernwthy SESX654984076556
138204Fernworthy E. Encircled CairnEC:FernworthyESX655684096560
139265Shovel Down Stone CircleSC Shovel DownSX6583862029944
13991Shovel Down Ceremonial ComplexCX Shovel DownSX65978596 n/a
139134Shoveldown B Stone RowSR Shovel BSX659686036171
139135Shoveldown A Stone RowSR Shovel ASX659586036168
139136Shoveldown C Stone RowSR:Shovel CSX6600859014875
139137Shoveldown E-F Stone RowSR Shovel E-FSX660285846179
139139Shoveldown D-G-H-J Stone RowSR Shovel DGHJSX660585716181
14018Shovel Down Long Stone Standing StoneSS Long StoneSX660385686149
14323Shovel Down Fourfold Circle Standing StoneSS Shovel DownSX659686036158
143281Shovel Down Fourfold Cairn CircleCC Shovel4FoldSX659686036158
146256Scorhill Stone CircleSC ScorhillSX654687406122
14628Scorhill Circle Standing StoneSS ScorhillSX654687386122
146183Scorhill Stone RowSR:ScorhillSX65478720 n/a
147257Buttern Hill Stone CircleSC ButternHillSX649588484371
14783Gidleigh - South Chambered TombNT Gidleigh SSX656788556213
148346Meacombe CistCT MeacombeSX725086918231
149536Mardon Down Stone Ring Cairn Circle RC Mardon 2SX7673872619003
149288Mardon Down Platform Cairn CirclePC Mardon 1SX7676871715158
14944Giant's Grave CairnCN GiantsGraveSX767787468309
149232Mardon Down Embanked Cairn CircleCC Mardon 5SX767487698308
149251Mardon Down Stone CircleSC Mardon DownSX767687208289
149510Mardon Down (E) Stone Ring Cairn Circle RC Mardon EastSX7689876012771
15080Spinsters Rock Chambered TombNT SpinstersSX701090798440
151358Houndtor Down Ring Setting Cairn and CistCT HoundtorSX741178777398
151148Trendlebere Down Stone RowSR TrendlebereSX766079248076
152133Cosdon Stone RowSR CosdonSX643291606886
152395Cosdon (stone row) Platform Cairn Circle and CistCT Cosdon RowSX6433916048906
152420Cosdon Beacon Embanked Cairn Circle and CistCT Cosdon 3SX637191596898
152506Cosdon Beacon East Stone Ring Cairn Circle RC Cosdon 2SX636691496928
153282Cosdon Beacon Platform Cairn CirclePC Cosdon 5SX637291726924
15345Cosdon Beacon CairnCN Cosdon 1SX636191506885
153419Cosdon Beacon Cairn Circle & CistCN Cosdon 4SX637291666925
1531527Cosdon Beacon Reported CairnCN Cosdon 7SX63729167 n/a
154261Little Hound Tor (or White Moor) Stone CircleSC White MoorSX632989614374
15421White Moor Stone Standing StoneSS White MoorSX633689494391
156273Nine Stones, Belstone Cairn CircleCC Nine StonesSX612392856865
15625Longstone Hill Standing StoneSS LongstoneSX567390895571
157451Homerton Hill N. CistCT Homerton NSX5613906512884

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